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Hold My Cone If You Can – The Turkish Ice Cream

Turkish ice cream is famously held by a mustached man who wields a tricky stake. It’s known as “sade dondurma” in the country and is called “slel ice cream.” This ice cream is dense and chewy, unlike the smooth ice creams you’re familiar with, thanks to the essential ingredient, Salep, derived from the Wild Orchid Root. Salep gives it a stretchy, chewy texture and a unique aroma.

But the real delight of Turkish ice cream lies in the fun time customers have while waiting for their ice cream cone. It’s a Turkish tradition for vendors to perform magic tricks for waiting customers, using the ice cream’s unique properties. When you come to buy a scoop, the vendor puts on a show with magic tricks, mainly to attract more customers, even if they don’t intend to buy immediately. They’ll be back eventually.

Customer : Can I have an Ice Cream?

Turkish Mustache Man : I don’t know, Can you?

And here’s how the conversation turns into a Turkish Delight. You have to work for your cone while having fun and laughing. The vendor starts a playful competition, letting you touch or hold the cone but never actually take it. He’ll make you think it’s about to fall, stick it to your nose, and confuse you with tricks. Whenever you feel closer to getting the Ice cream, the vendor will fake you out with another trick. It’s a test of patience. If you really want to increase your patience, you can try Turkish ice cream.

You can also try to trick the vendor if you like. Vendors are experts at trickery, but if you’re clever, you can turn the tables and win the game.

If you want to try Turkish Delight, you can do some yoga sessions, immerse yourself in the culture, and challenge the mustache man to a friendly competition.

Turkish Ice Cream isn’t just another ice cream, it’s a super delightful tradition in Turkey.

Türk lokumunun tadını deneyelim!

(Let’s try the taste of Turkish delight!)

Rtr. Rabiha Naushad

Co-Editor 2023-24

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