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Importance of Relationships in Our Life

Throughout our lives, we form many relationships with lots of people. Such as father, mother, brother, sister, wife, husband, friends, grandparents, teachers and etc. and one quote has beautifully expressed that,

“Relationship is like electric current

Wrong connection will give you shocks – but

The right ones will light up your life”

Yes, when we form a relationship we should focus on whether it’s good for our lives. They help to lead our lives in the correct path. Everything has dual effect that is positive and negative, so when we form relationships we must be careful of that. One quote stresses that,

“Don’t trust the relation who changes

Their feeling with the time

Trust the relation whose feeling remains the same

When your time changes”

Mother is the first relation to all of us. It’s a pure and holy relationship because only she can love and care her child even if she doesn’t know the face of the baby. She always wishes to see her baby’s life full of joy. She always tries to make her child’s life beautiful and successful. She melts her life to light up our future. That’s why I say relationships are very crucial for the victory in life. Every child is born good but whether he/she becomes good or bad depends on the mother. So she is the vitally important relation in the family.

Next, if we take father, we think our mother carried us for ten months in her womb but we forget that our father is carrying us in his heart throughout our life. Every girl’s first love is her dad. Yes, only he can correct and guide his child in the correct way. He works hard to make our lives easy. The father is who lays down the rules to enforce the children’s growth strongly physically and mentally.

Now let’s think about siblings. I have no words to explain the relationship because it’s a mixture of love and hatred. This quote clearly states that.

“Brothers and sisters relationship

Is like Tom and Jerry,

They tease and irritate each other- but

They can’t live without each other.”

Yes, if you have any younger siblings, they always want to be a copycat because they take their elders as their role models. They love each other but they don’t express it. At the same time in front of others, they never give up on them. They also help to make our lives fulfilled with their mischievous activities.

Now if we take our grandparents they have a lot of experience, they can easily find the difference between good and bad. They always want to see their grandchildren as great people in this world. They spend their whole life to look after their grandchildren. My grandpa is my hero as even though I lost my father in my childhood and he is like a father to me and he always motivates me to do everything with bravery.

“The grandfather is someone

With silver in his hair but

Gold in his heart”

They always try to make us happy and perfect. When we share our pains and everything, we totally lose our lonely feelings. It helps to become a delightful person.

“Family is like a music

Some are high notes

Some are low notes – but

Always a beautiful song”

Friends are another crucial part of our life. Only they know the craziest way to put a smile on our face when we are in bad times. They are the shoulder to cry on. Everyone needs to have at least one true friend to open up and trust you otherwise life becomes empty. Teachers are the best treasure for everyone. They feed bravery to express talents. They don’t expect anything from children other than their best performance and involvement in extracurricular activities.

The next very important relation to everyone is their special partner. When we come out from the family our heart needs one person to accept our feelings. When you meet the right person whom can accept your feelings, you try to make her/him your life. This relationship is very important to everyone’s life as that partner only can travel with you until the end. We can share anything with them. So you have to select the one who is best for your bright future, they can support you to do everything, they can act as loving mom, guiding dad, good friend and etc. But it depends on your choice. One girl said that life is like mathematics,

When my partner entered to my life

Add more happiness by his magic smiles;

Subtract my loneliness from my life;

Multiply the joys and sweet memories by unforgettable moments;

Divide my sorrows with his mind.

We make new relationships in every step of our lives. These relationships help to increase our confidence level, self-respect, reduce our stress, and make a successful life. Don’t forget the relationship that you have made through your life because the right ones give you happiness and the bad ones give the experience. No one is born with happiness, but everybody can create happiness by making the correct relationship.

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