I believe it’s Love

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From Romeo and Juliet
To Adela and Pepe
From Trepliov and Nina
To Wasantha and Kamala     
Dozens of tales
My eyes did read
Dozens of tales
My heart did read
Oh! What love?
What sacrifice they made?
My young heart once filled with awe!
Thus a version of mine
I wanted to create
To seek ideal love
In a world contingent!
In pages inked I did seek
In between Shelly’s lines
In Bard’s fantasy
In Austen’s dreams
And in Chekov’s world…
Was I decieved?
Was it a myth?
Was it fantasy?
Veiled as reality?
For no where I found a love so real
Like the one I  found
Right before me
Where words made no noise
But acts of love
Did thrive each day
Where silent love
Was the art of living
I believe it’s love
I call it love
They are ‘the love’

Senior editor: Rtr. K.L. Suzan Sewwandi

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