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So how many followers do you have?

This sentence has become an everyday concern among all those who use social media. This has taken a drastic turn to the worst when people pretend to be “influencers” once they hit the 1000 followers’ target. The content shared in digital media has lost its true meaning because almost everyone you follow right now is either a food blogger, food critic, fashion police, fitness freak or at least a tik-tok artist.

Social Media has become an arena for commercialization, where people try to target at a younger audience. What is the best way to do that other than collaborating with influencers? (How many times do we rethink if the influencer actually likes the product? Rather than just endorsing it for money). People sharing a smile every single hour of their life seems a little unrealistic and is portrayed to the masses.

The content shared by everyone into your social media can be toxic, so how do you identify toxic people on social media?

  1. If someone posts/comments/messages something that makes you feel unhappy and worse about yourself
  2. You find yourself comparing with the other person
  3. You continuously avoid this person’s stories/ posts/ notifications

Social media is a great platform to make new friends and understand different cultures and learn new food recipes, but it can also be extremely toxic. If you find yourself with any of the above reasoning or symptoms, what can you do?

  1. Unfollow/Unfriend/ Block (if you’re worried about what your “friend” thinks? Your mental health is what matters above everything)
  2. Set boundaries ( say your friend you would not respond if their comments are derogatory)
  3. Shift to another social media platform

Important – writer recommends a digital detox at least once a month and constant monitoring of screen time per day.                                                                                                                                                                                (PS- Some influencers use their platform to raise awareness and they should be acknowledged. If you think you share toxic posts all the time, take time and think about it)

~Rtr. Famidha Faiz, Community Service Avenue

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