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International Mother’s Day

She is a wonderful icon of huge sacrifice and tremendous dedication. She is the role model of vast inspiration. She is the enormous fountain of endless love. 

The International Mother’s Day which is celebrated annually on the second Sunday of May, has fallen on the 14th of May in the year 2023. This is a cheerful celebration to applaud the marvellous individual in the family who is behind us no matter what time, age or situation. Mother’s Day pays gratitude to all the mothers who endlessly concentrate and take care of the family. It depicts motherhood, maternal bonds and the vast influence on and of mothers in the entire community. Mother’s Day is observed on different dates around the globe. No matter what the date ‘she’ is being celebrated, it is a lovely occasion between mothers and families to cherish her sacrifice for the success of each and every member of the family.

It’s fascinating how celebrations honouring mothers have historically been associated with deities, fertility symbols, and representations of creativity. Mothers have always been seen as protectors of their children, constantly working to ensure their well-being. Despite the selfless nature of a mother’s role, they don’t receive handsome salaries or generous pensions. Instead, they find satisfaction in watching their children grow up to be happy and healthy individuals who contribute positively to their families and the world.

Though celebrating and honouring mothers should not be limited to a day, Mother’s Day is a perfect occasion to honour and celebrate the unique bond of love between mothers and their children. This day is dedicated to acknowledging the endless love and selfless sacrifices that mothers make throughout their lives. It’s a time to show appreciation for the queen of the home herself! Mothers must be treated with the best of everything on this special day and every single day as a way of reciprocating the love and devotion they show to their families their entire life. 

Have you ever noticed how your mother always tells you that she does not want to have or buy expensive presents? Of course, she just needs to spend some quality time with you. Listening is an action of love. Take yourself a little break from thinking about your own problems and listen to her, her life, her dreams and her favourite memories etc.

Motherhood is a challenging task. Celebrating your mother is a way to show love, appreciation and recognition for her multiple roles payed in a family and it is another way to celebrate and strengthen this bond fostering emotional well-being and promoting a culture of gratitude and respect for mothers and motherhood. It embellishes the moments of connection furthering a deeper understanding. Celebrating a mother elaborates on the profound impact mothers have on their children’s lives and highlights their guidance, assistance and influence on moulding their children’s character. It reminds us of the priceless value of mothers of selfless devotion and unconditional love. Mother’s Day is a splendid epic day to showcase the appreciation for the countless ways in which Mother uplifts and enhances our lives.

“If you’re looking for motivation to do well in life, look at your mom.”

“She sacrificed so much for you. She believes in you. She wants to see you do good.”

“Do it for her. Make her proud. The goal is to pay back our parents and be successful.”

Happy Mother’s Day!

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