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World Water Day

World Water Day which is celebrated on the 22nd of March every year is about focusing attention on the importance of water because without water the lives do not exist. This year the theme revolves around ground water which is ‘Groundwater, making the invisible, visible”.

Groundwater supplies over half of all drinking water in the globe, around 40% of water for irrigated agriculture, and about a third of the amount of water needed for industries. It protects ecosystems, keeps rivers flowing at their normal levels, and prevents land subsidence and ocean intrusion. Groundwater is invisible, despite its value. Out of sight often translates to out of mind.

Participants will be able to shape the campaign by suggesting activities, as well as receive the information and tools needed to increase awareness of groundwater, through this event, which will introduce World Water Day 2022 and the UN World Water Development Report on the issue of groundwater.

Groundwater will become increasingly important as climate change worsens. It also seeks to focus attention on the global water crisis. On the 22nd of March every year, people and organizations mark World Water Day by taking action to tackle the water crisis. If there’s a crisis ahead, as youth it is our responsibility to take actions in promoting water management.

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