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International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development

The economy and society are interrelated as economic growth is a wheel that carries society towards betterment. But the economy is not the ONLY wheel that carries forward the society towards well-being. Therefore, social development needs to be considered an independent focus area that has to be brought into the spotlight. The economic aspect includes production, distribution of goods and services, trade, employment and other resources that nourish the basic human needs that can be fulfilled with tangible resources such as food, shelter, medical care etc. However, the human race is bound to emotions and thus create needs such as love, affection, care etc. A healthy society must provide every individual equal opportunity to accomplish their needs, wants, and most importantly, help them achieve their dreams by removing barriers and discrimination.

Many official and unofficial organizations and individual personalities invest their effort and wealth to help drive the wheels of society to travel successfully in the journey of economic and social development. Officially or unofficially, known or unknown, these contributions and attempts taken to enhance humanity should be recognized and appreciated. Thus, to provide an opportunity to volunteer-involving organizations and individuals to promote volunteerism and also to encourage governments to support volunteer efforts and recognize volunteer contributions, the United Nations-mandated 5th of December as an international observance – The International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development in 1985. Since then, this day has been commemorated under unique and different themes every year to encourage the act of volunteerism. The theme for the year 2021 is “Volunteer now for our common future”.

Volunteering is an act to be celebrated as it manifests selflessness, togetherness, empathy, courage, farsighted wisdom and affection towards brotherhood as a part of humanity. Volunteering towards economic and social development cannot be segregated under different categories as trivial measures or significant measures. Each thought of volunteerism with the objective of uplifting the society builds a step towards achieving the stage of Sustainable Development Goals established.

The Rotaract Clubs plays a momentous role in spotlighting the importance and impact volunteering can create not only by developing the society we live in but also by encouraging and spreading a positive influence upon others too to contribute in some way or the other to hold hands as one and create a change that constructs a better tomorrow.

Volunteering will pave the way to build the future and also discover your capacity to the fullest.

 An eye that recognizes, a heart that realizes, a hand that extends help are all that you need to make your actions speak. Volunteer! 

~Written by: Rtr. Rahma Zuhri~ | ~Featured image designed by: Rtr. Chathushkee Amuwatta~

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