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Investor ’23

The Finance Avenue of the Rotaract Club of the University of Kelaniya never erred to be the silent ambassador of its brand. Project Investor which is the remarkable project of the avenue was successfully held for the third consecutive year. 

The history of the project Investor was initiated with a webinar series which was set in motion as a virtual webinar series, precisely targeted undergraduates who possessed a keen interest in stock market-related facts. Nevertheless, the session caught a glimpse of success, existing as the most participated project of the University of Kelaniya with over 800 plus live attendees.

The second phase of the project, investor’22, was focused on the basics of fundamental analysis. Anyhow, the second phase of the project investor also concludes with almost 300 set-up CDS accounts making the foremost trade on the CSE. 

While the project investors achieved milestones over two consecutive years, Investors’23 made its magnificent revaluation by moving towards the modern era. Investor’23 officially commenced its journey with the most enthusiastic organizing committee on the 23rd of December 2022.

Investors’23 remarks on its excursion with a workshop series which is instructed to be done on three different days. Nearly three months after calling the first OC meeting the first day of the series was conducted on the 1st of March 2023 via Zoom. The session was successfully conducted on the topic of cryptocurrencies and Digital assets by Mr. Chirath Rajapaksa, finance manager, and fundamental analyst, nevertheless the originator of Digital Assets LK and Crypto Edu LK. It has been the origination for Investors’23 which strived to move toward the future beginning from zero to ending with infinity. Nonetheless, the origination ends up on its first day of the series with over 200+ live participants. 

Fastening to the modern era is bit a challenging. We as an avenue took the challenge as a crew and succeeded with the unique revaluation of the avenue. With this modern vitality, investor’23 reached the second day of the series with two phases which were held at the University of Kelaniya on the 11th of March 2023. The first part of the second day is the persistence of the first day’s workshop series, which is also conducted by Mr. Chirath Rajapaksha who is the ace of our workshop series. The second part of the second day is the quiz competition based on cryptocurrency, digital assets, and financial markets with the purpose of boosting and ensuring the effective delivery of the workshop series.

The third phase of the workshop series moved forward with the grand finale of the quiz competition with three teams of finalists. The grand finale and the finale phase have been inclined to conduct along with the award ceremony. The fruit of hard work is sweeter than the sweetest of nectars. Finally, investor’23 tightened the journey of the crypto whiz towards a stop. 

The third phase was conducted on the 3rd of April 2023 with three teams of finalists. For the final day of the series, Mr. Pradeep Mapalagama allotted us the enlargement by being our chef guest and also for being our gift partner of the series.  

If everyone is moving ahead together, then success takes care of itself. The External Relations Team of Investor’23 has played a major role in our triumph. The ER team raised our Diamond sponsorship from Richard Pieris & Company PLC, along with two gold partners Associated Battery Manufacturers (Ceylon) Limited and Southern constructions pvt. Ltd. Moreover the team was able to join Cargills (Ceylon) PLC (KIST) as our official beverage partner and Oproma Cosmetics as our gift partner as we mentioned above. 

Not just our energetic ER squad, but the whole crew from the co-chairs have played a prominent role apart from what they assigned them to do. 

Teamwork is the mastership to working together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual victories toward objectives. It is the energy that allows the ordinary crew to attain unique results. We, the scornful team of Investors’23 eventually proudly offered the modern gaze to the world by glimpsing the third successful phase for the third consecutive year. the journey to be continued with better enamors phases. 

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