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Investor’22 – The Concluding Chapter of a pathbreaking initiative

It’s sometimes easy to get started but tough to keep going.

Investor’22 was a project where the Finance Team of the Rotaract Club of  University of Kelaniya was able to step into the Colombo Stock Exchange. It started as a webinar series for undergraduates who were interested in concepts related to the stock market. The goal of the webinar was to enhance the awareness of the attendees about the financial market, stock exchange, and prudent investment by providing them with an introduction to the CSE.

Following Investor’21, the first session’s resounding success, the second phase of the project, Investor’22 was held under the supervision of the Finance Team, and it focused on the basics of fundamental analysis. Mr Vinod Payagala, Managing Director – PNJ Consultants Private Limited, was the webinar’s featured speaker.

With the introduction of equity analysis, he continued the session. There were 800+ attendees in the first session. Nearly 300 of them had set up CDS accounts and were able to take the first step by making their first trade on the CSE. This time, that 300 were the target audience of Investor’22. Their enthusiasm was palpable, and the event organizers made sure that any ambiguity was clarified to the best of their ability.

The webinar’s goal was to educate participants on how to choose a better company to invest in. During the session, the differences between technical and fundamental analysis, as well as how to calculate a security’s intrinsic value, net asset value, P/E ratio, free cash flow, and so on were addressed

With that, the ‘Investor’ webinar series was concluded with massive success. This project was indeed a landmark, which enabled RACUOK  to receive an overflow of positive responses and the opportunity to share invaluable knowledge about the Colombo Stock Exchange with our participants.

~Written by: Rtr. Roshan Rathnayake (Finance Team) | Featured image designed by: Rtr. Akasha Wijesiriwaradene (Finance Team) ~

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