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The Stone

One day there was a lucky boy walking down the street and on the way home he saw a glimmering stone near a plant. He picked up the stone and put it into his pocket and continued his journey. By the time he reached home, he felt tired because he had played football with his friends after school. So as soon as he came home he had a good sleep. 

Suddenly he woke up and looked around! The room was brighter and it was then that he saw the stone sparkling brighter and brighter. He took the stone into his palm and looked closer. There was mud on it. So he cleaned the mud using a piece of clothing. Suddenly arose a smoke and someone’s voice was heard from within the stone. 

The boy asked, “Are you a Genie? Wow, I always wanted to meet a Genie who could make my wishes come true. Have I rescued you? Will you help me? I know every Genie has three wishes.”

“Heyy.. hold on for a minute, why are you so fast at speaking! First, let me introduce myself. Hi, dear child I am the genie. I am a very funny and generous ghost. Okay, now why did you wake  me up.” 

He was puzzled and felt sad. “Then, didn’t I rescue you…” The Genie replied, “No. I was having a nap and then suddenly I heard someone rubbing the stone and that’s what woke me up. Well well, why did you wake me up, dear boy?” The boy sighed and said, “Can you grant me three wishes Mr. Genie?” The Genie replied, “yeah, why not, tell me what do you want?” 

The boy said enthusiastically, “Okay, my first wish is to have more wishes”. 

“I’m sorry but, I can’t grant you that wish.” 

The boy then asked in a sad tone, “Then can you change the mind of the girl next door so that we can be friends.” The Genie started to think for a while then spoke, “oh… do you want a friend… I don’t have a friend too.. can you find me, someone, too.” The boy was amused, “what! how can I find you a friend, your a Genie.” The Genie then said, “Exactly, and you are a human, how can I change the mind of a human, you have to work for it.” 

“Then can you help us win the next football match?” 

“No I can’t do that too, you have to practice hard to gain victory.” 

The boy was confused, “Then what can you do for me…” 

“Nothing dear, I am only a Genie and I can not change or impact someone’s life. You have to achieve your dreams with hard work and dedication. I can only help you. So start working on your dreams today!  Hurry and go work on them. I also have to sleep..  if you need any help, do ask me. Goodbye, dear boy.” 

Suddenly he heard his mother saying ‘dinner was ready’. He opened his eyes and was astonished for a moment! ‘Was it all a dream!’, he wondered to himself. The boy’s mother came to the room and asked him to come down as dinner was ready. “Okay mom I’m coming,” he replied and left the room.

The stone was shining alone upon the table. 

If you met a Genie, what will your three wishes be?

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