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Magical Muggle and Christmas Eve

Griffindor’s common room was empty. Ayu was reading a book in a corner of the common room. I didn’t disturb him. I wanted to get away from Hogwarts. So I decided to come out from the common room secretly. It was boring to spend Christmas eve in Hogwarts. I knew I could enjoy it more outside. 

I wore my cloak and flew away into thin air. I heard Ayu’s voice from distance, “where are you going? Please don’t break rules this time.” I didn’t have time to listen to him. Those foolish rules! Who cares. When I came into the main hall I saw some Slytherins glaring at me. I always wanted to be a Slytherin. But the sorting hat selected me to Griffindor. It is ruining my whole life in Hogwarts. Anyway, I had some crime partners from Slytherin. This time I didn’t want to call them. I want to enjoy being alone. 

“Where should I go? Diagon Alley? No, too far. And I can’t use a chimney at Christmas.” I decided to go to Hogsmeade. This time I didn’t receive any gifts. Not a single one. My parents were muggles. They hated Hogwarts. They were angry with me for selecting Hogwarts over them. I am ambitious and goal-oriented. Yes just like a Slytherin. Unfortunately, I am a mud blood. That’s why I couldn’t enter the Slytherin house which is my favorite. I ended up with snobbish Gryffindors! 

I was on the way to Hogsmead. Oh! It was cold. My God! The gatekeeper of Hogwarts was coming. I hid by covering my body with snow. This was harder than I thought. 

Finally, I was at Horgsmead. “mmm… the smell of hot butter coffee.” I wanted to enjoy a cup.  So I walked into the shop. What a fate! The headmaster was in the shop. The best decision was to run away from the shop. 

I ran out but I was not sure whether I was going in the right direction or not. Wow! A beautiful Christmas tree. I saw some precious gifts under the tree with a written message. The message was, “Christmas is for all, you can take a gift.” I was happy. I took the red color gift and unwrapped it. I was very curious to see what was inside the box. I felt the heaviness of the box. It was a golden snitch. I am a good quidditch player. I always wanted to have a broomstick as a gift. But this time I felt extremely happy for having a golden snitch as my one and only Christmas gift. I can keep it on my study table. I put it inside my cloak and looked around.

How can I get back to Hogwarts? How many miles to Hogwarts? I was going to miss the grand Christmas dinner.

I was wondering and a woman called out to me, “do you want any help?” I replied, “yeah, can I use your chimney and some flu powder?” the woman nodded and took me to her house. I could go back to Hogwarts through her chimney. I was happier that earlier.

This was the best Christmas memory I ever had!

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