The Facade

Image courtesy: pinterest

The loneliest people
Have the beautiful Dreams
The heart shivering love
The facade of never ending happiness

The light in warm cuddles
The reason to smile again

But truth have amends to make
When all the thoughts are left at dusk
Dreaming is only left behind
Like shadows lurking the night

Nothing’s pleasing or either pleasant
Had sounded to the years of a discontented heart

Where noise is still a morning alarm
For a requited sleep of sleepless nights
Where fate keeps lingering uncertain events
Where thoughts pester about the warmth of joy

But it is always just the thoughts
That thrust the core of a lonely heart
Reminiscing the heartthrob

The one who took the warmth away
Even at a room
Drenched with souls with heartening love,
Memories never cease to be

Loneliness never leaves a broken heart

Co- editor: Rtr. Ravindy Siriwardane

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