Monthly General Meeting- February

The General meeting for the month of February was special because parallel to the date we held the meeting, the Rotasia was taking place with the delegates of district 3220, including our very own President Rtr. Rivi Wijeratne and delegates from our club. We did indeed felt the absence of our president at the monthly general meeting but the formalities of the meeting took place accordingly under the guidance of the Vice- President Sergeant At Arms, Rtr. Ishanka Suriyaarachchi along with the executive committee of our club. The meeting was held at the department of DELT on the 25th of February. The participation of our fellow Rotaractors was cherishing amidst the exams thus, the exco started off the meeting thanking everyone who joined the monthly general meeting. As the formalities proceeded, the joint secretaries Rtr. Nemindi Rathnayake and Rtr. Parami Annuththara thanked all the participants who took part in RCL on behalf of our club, and all these participants at RCL were accoladed as the members of the month. Moreover, the Editorial Avenue was named as the Avenue of the month.


Even though the meeting proceeded without our president, Rtr. Rivi joined us via a video call, but due to some technical difficulties we couldn’t keep him for much long.

Rtr. Mahima, Rtr. Dulaj and Rtr. Malsha were asked to announce about the fundraising campaign on behalf of our anniversary celebration which is scheduled in June. Accordingly, they asked the support of the fellow Rotaractors to buy the Tshirt and to spread the word of it. Just as always the exco allocated few minutes for avenue announcements and each director was given a chance to speak out about their upcoming projects.

Before the end of the meeting we celebrated the February borns. The meeting was adjourned by Rtr. Ishanka Suriyaarachchi.


Ravindy Siriwardane

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