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Monthly Update – September 2021

The month of September for the term 2021-22 dawned with novel initiatives being executed into remarkable projects covering the Community Service avenue, Club Service avenue, International Service avenue, Sports and Entertainment avenue, Public Relations team and the Member Relations team. 

The Community Service avenue took their first step with the project ‘HearMe’ with the intention of providing a helping hand to heal the minds burning with depression, anxiety and psychological stress-related disorders through a series of sessions conducted by experts. The project also ensured that those in need of professional help were directed to the relevant necessary sources. Meanwhile, the Club Service avenue brought us some much needed relief with healing music and soulful singing of ‘Rota Sonduru Sajje’ on the 17 of September, to break our tiring and monotonous university routines. The International Service avenue, which had launched their project ‘Athena’; a magazine on women empowerment, reached the final phase of accepting entries with an overwhelming 200+ articles. Apart from that, RACUOK joined hands with ‘Nightscape’-the open mic night, which was a collaborative event with multiple clubs from all around the world. 

The Sports and Entertainment avenue launched their brand new series ‘Middle Stump’ which was comprised of two sessions to recall the stunning innings of the former members of the National Cricket Team, Mr Kumar Dharmasena and Mr Rangana Herath. These two virtual sessions which were held on the 16th and 27th of September indeed were a feast for fellow cricket lovers. The Public Relations team introduced yet another platform – ‘TikTok’ to the club, and the first two TikToks unveiled the unrevealed sparkling, perky sides of our beloved Board of Directors. Meantime, the Member Relations team was engaged with their novel initiative; the ‘AvoiDelta’ selfie contest throughout September. The fellow members’ enthusiastic participation was quite evident all over the first half of the project, which was concluded with a grand musical night.

The Monthly General Meeting of RACUOK for the month of September was held on 29.09.2021. While the remarkable moments were recaptured by the Board of Directors, many important messages were also conveyed to the fellow Rotaractors of the club. The meeting concluded with the moment that everyone was eagerly waiting to witness. It was none other than the announcing of the Members of the month, where the directors and the members who had contributed to the club in the month of August in an outstanding way were declared, and those members are as follows.

With all these recognitions and merry moments, RACUOK was blessed to witness another exceptional recognition, in which our very own president Rtr. Kisal Ekanayake was declared as one of the Presidents of the Month for the month of September. 

All in all, the month of September, where almost a quarter of the term 2021-22 was over, reached its conclusion with contentment by looking forward to another fresh month where its legacy will be continued with many novel initiatives.

~Senior Editor Rtr. Yashodya Bandaranayake~

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