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“Having fun is definitely how you’re going to keep yourself loose, and be at your best.”

Markus Lynn

A Fun Day that was organized by the Member Relations Avenue of the Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya, named ROTAROMP”23 was held on the 17th of September 2023 at the Cyber Grounds, University of Kelaniya, with the participation of enthusiastic club members from all avenues along with the involvement of a special guest from the Rotaract District Steering Committee. The main intention of this joyful fun chapter was to raise member involvement, foster friendship, and spark an excitement among the members. The organizing committee of ROTAROMP’23 organized an array of challenging fun games, and an awareness session about the Rotaract Club in general targeting the new members who joined the club this year.

Commencing the event planning in the first week of August after revealing the members of the organizing committee, they gave their fullest support and cooperation throughout the month of September to make this event a joyful fun day for the members. The Theme of this year’s exciting fun chapter was “ Hotel Transylvania”, which is a popular  American animated media franchise that is based on the adventures surrounding monsters.  

The hosts for the day, Rtr. Amali Nilaksha  introduced herself and invited Rtr. Piyumi Athukorala to deliver the instructions and the proceedings of the games. After marking the attendance of the participants, the event proceeded to the next step of dividing the members into two teams. The music started and they were randomly allowed them to dance around each other. Likewise, two teams of 15 members each were formed. Each team was given the opportunity to use their creativity and come up with their own team name a roll call and materials such as paint and fabrics  provided by the organizing committee to create their own Team Flag.

The fun teams of this year’s ROTAROMP was Team Poppit ඤෑ, which was led by Rtr. Lanka Muhandiram and Team හච්චි කුච්චි ( Huchi Kuchchi), which was led by Rtr. Sandeepa Mapalagama.

The host along with the assistance of the OC, began the 1st game of the Fun Day. This game was referred to as the “Disturbance Challenge”. In here participants of each team were blindfolded and various objects and human barriers were kept as obstacles on their way to reach the finishing line.  members had to cross to the opposite side without knocking or tripping over the barriers by attentively listening to the instructions of their fellow team mates. This required a profound amount of listening skills and communications skills from the participants. The Winning Team of this event was Team Poppit ඤෑ.

The hosts then conducted the second game of the day which was the “Human Knot” challenge. This was a team activity that requires group members to form a circle, one of the OC members grab the participants’ hands and tangled them together resulting in a jumble. The Team Members had to carefully untangle their hands. The Team that was able to overcome the untangling at first was claimed as the winner. This again required a lot of observation and it instigated the problem solving abilities of the participants.

This Fun Event then proceeded to a knowledge rendering milestone where an awareness session was conducted by Rtr. IPP Sanara Gamage who was a representative from the Rotaract District Steering Committee. Rtr. Sanara presented a very informative segment by giving an introduction to Rotaract and also by explaining on how to build ones’ profile as a Rotaractor. The event was paused for the Lunch Break.

 Moreover, another exciting segment was included to the array of Fun Games This was a Selfie Challenge. The participants of the event were asked to take a group selfie based on their  Main and Technical Avenues.  Members of an Organizing Committee of another ongoing project were also invited to partake in this challenge. The avenues and the OC which had the most number of member representatives at ROTAROMP’23 were crowned as winners of this challenge.

After the Lunch Break, the time arrived for the most enjoyable fun game “The Treasure Hunt”. The treasure was hidden within the University premises and hints which described the location of the treasure was written on colored papers were placed in numerous areas within the University premises. Each team were given these paper chits. Eventually the participants of Team Poppit ඤෑ found the Treasure Box which was hidden in the Science Faculty premises.

The last game of the event was පැණි බඹරේ (Pani Bambareh). This was an extremely hilarious game. Each member had to hunch and twirl 12 times around a stick while a member from the OC counted the number of rounds. After twirling for 12 rounds, the members had to run to the opposite side while feeling extremely dizzy.

Towards the end, Rtr. Roshan Ratnayake, the President of RACUOK, conducted a mini session about the essence of being a Rotaractor. This session added much knowledge and motivation as the members learned how to continue their Rotaract journey while maintaining a balanced academic life. Next, the event reached to its height where the Winning Team of ROTAROMP’23 was announced. The Winning Team of ROTAROMP’23 was Team Poppit ඤෑ. Team හච්චි කුච්චි was awarded as the Runners Up of ROTAROMP’23.

After the Vote of Thanks delivered by Rtr. Azeeza Sherifdeen the Co-Chair of the project, the event was officially concluded remarking the end of an incredible fun chapter.

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