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The Rotaract club of University of Kelaniya constructs outstanding platforms to provide the opportunity to serve the community and also bring into spotlight the skills and capabilities of fellow members. Among the number of such endeavors “RotaTomorrow” is a brand that outshines for membership development in an innovative way which also leads to community development.

RotaTomorrow 2.0 is an initiative done by the Member Relations avenue of the Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya, in-order to enhance the coordination and engagement of the

members providing an immense opportunity to explore their capabilities and grasp skills that could be invested for community development as well as self-development. Proudly carrying out the legacy from last year, this project was launched this year as well, with an immense effort of elevating the club to a greater height. RotaTomorrow is a masterful project that includes a collection of splendid projects that move ahead beyond boundaries addressing various aspects of the community needs.

Adding more value to the pride of RACUOK, the project RotaTomorrow was selected as ‘The Most Outstanding Club Service Initiative Focused on Membership Development’ and ‘The Most Outstanding Public Relations Effort of The Year’ in the Rotaract District Assembly held last year which recognized and applauded the innovative endeavor.

The Member Relations avenue implemented this innovative journey focusing on the development of member engagement, in which the entire member base of the club was able to interact, engage and explore opportunities while competing as ten different teams. The essence of competitiveness added a unique sparkle of enthusiasm into the project. Each team was required to launch a distinctive project pertaining to the Sustainable Development Goal that was allocated to each team through a bidding process which was a new and exciting experience for the participants. However, the impact expected to be created through the project does not limit itself to the membership but also community improvement, public relations enhancement, and skill development of young potential Rotaractors which was the element that outshined RotaTomorrow.  

Here’s presenting a walk through the ten amazing projects via the links given below to have a glance of the amazing efforts that transformed into amazing outcomes that benefited the community.

  • Team Inspiro launched the project “ Green Escape” under the SDG of “Terrestrial Ecosystems”
  • Team Esperanza launched the project “ Akura” under the SDG of “ Basic Education and Literacy”
  • Team Sociospiring launched the project “ Prathishta” under the SDG of “Economic and Community Development”
  • Team Inferno launched the project “ charitha” under the SDG of “Peace and Conflict Resolution”
  • Team Invictus launched the project “ Meet the Need” under the SDG of “Water and Sanitation”
  • Team Altera Rotaractors launched the project “ SL Made” under the SDG of “Innovation and Infrastructure”
  • Team Y Nots launched the project “ Teetotal” under the SDG of “Drug Prevention and Rehabilitation”
  • Team Titans launched the project “ Coexist” under the SDG of  “Wildlife and Life below water”
  • Team Los Amigos launched the project “ Senehe Diya” under the SDG of “Maternal and Child Health”
  • Team Seekers launched the project “Medi-Care” under the SDG of “Disease prevention and Treatment”

Thus, proving that these young budding leaders are the strength of the people and the power of the community, the Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya was able to gift ten sustainable projects to the society. To appreciate the hard work of the dedicated members and to empower these individuals further, the competition will be successfully concluded with an Awards Ceremony where they will be applauded for their commitment and dedication.

The blend of serving the community and developing member engagement spotlighted ‘RotaTomorrow 2.0’ and the ten different projects which were done under the ten Sustainable Development Goals added wonderful colors of vividness to the project.

With the enthusiasm glowing, stay tuned for another year of  “RotaTomorrow”!

~Written by: Rtr. Rahma Zuhri & Rtr. Thedini Herath~

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