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Rotrolead ’23

Leadership is a way of thinking, a way of acting and, most importantly a way of communicating – Simon Sinek

The Premier Outdoor Leadership Camp organized by the Club Service Avenue of Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya, “ROTROLEAD ’23” was successfully ended on 13th May 2023 at the Cybe Ground of the University of Kelaniya with the participation of heroic Rotaractors. It was one of the significant events of the Rotaract calendar which molded future Rotaract Real Leaders with broadened skills and talents.

The main objective of the project “ROTROLEAD” was to create next-generation leaders with a positive vision and confidence. The organizing committee aimed at individuals who are seeking a great opportunity to develop their personality training under experts and had planned out the leadership camp with a very engaging agenda filled with interactive leadership sessions and fun-filled activities.

The camp incepted with the start-up of the moderators Rtr. Sameera Lakmal and Rtr. Anjalika Thilini and invited Rtr. Lanka Muhandiram, the Co-chair of the project welcomed the participants with a fresh start.

Then Ms. Miyuli Kalubowila, the first Resource Person of the event conducted an introductory session about one of the most significant skills; Self Awareness. During the session, she gave an opportunity for each and every participant to let us others about the strengths and weaknesses of each. After that, she explained how to minimize those weaknesses to overcome the obstacles in day-to-day life with her own experiences.

A while later Ms. Miyuli divided the participants into five groups for the next phase of the session. It was to act out five different problems related scenarios. From that she expected us to solve the problems as real leaders giving accurate and practical solutions. After the end of that enthusiastic session, Ms. Miyuli Kalubowila expressed her thoughts about the event, and she wished all the participants to become Great Leaders with smart skills and talents. Then she was awarded with a token of appreciation for her successful session by Rtr. Dinura Liyange, the Vice President of RACUOK for the year 2022-23.

The hosts then divided all the participants again into two teams and asked them to entitle their team with a funny name and to make their own unique cheer for them. There upon the first team was ‘ගිරිපුර ඇත්තෝ’ and the second team was ‘සුප්පාගේ අඩවිය’. It was then time for the most awaited fun games session. Rtr. Wickshi Kalani conducted the first challengeable game ‘Human Knot’ which is selected to boost the team spirit and problem-solving skills among the participants.  After a competitive couple of minutes, heroic and energetic Rotaractors were able to untangle their hands by winning the game.

Next Lakruwan Pallewela, the second Resource Person started his session by narrating an interesting story. Then the next task given by him to the two teams was to remake the letter ‘T’ by fixing the given piece of papers. It was also a complicated task where the team cooperation, communication skills and problem-solving skills were examined. There after a fun activity was planned by him and it was to balance a plastic ball on a marker pen and place it on a half-filled water bottle. By proving real leaders do not fed-up with challengers, the team ‘සුප්පාගේ අඩවිය’ won the challenge while laughing loud with the cheer.

Coming towards the end of the event, the team games ‘Hola hoop’, ‘Caterpillar race’ and ‘passing the balloon’ were conducted with cheerful music, and the two teams did their best to win the game. All the participants were laughing and generally full of beans.

Ending an entertaining and joyous moment Rtr. Smeera concluded the event by thanking the Organizing crew and the participants. Afterward adding more colors to the leadership camp Rtr. Dinura Liyange and Rtr. Vishwanee Alahakoon entertained the participants with their melodious voices.

Finally, ROTROLEAD; the Premier Outdoor Leadership Camping experience concluded by providing a bunch of memories while boosting a new version of every participant.  

Keep your fingers crossed because ROTROLEAD is a lucky break that never ends.


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