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The 11th Installation Ceremony.

It’s our friendship that makes us thrive, true sense of fellowship that makes us shine. As Rotaractors we always try, to reach out and make things bright!

Chartered on the 3rd of June 2010, the Rotaract club of university of Kelaniya has passed a decade of rendering service to the community. Celebrating the 11th successive year of Rotaract in the university of Kelaniya, we were honoured to held the 11th Installation ceremony on the 7th of August 2020 at Sri Lanka Foundation Institute. As an exception due to the prevailing situation of the country, the ceremony was held both physically and virtually with the participation of an august assembly.

After the arrival of the chief guest, President of the Rotary club of Colombo Uptown, Rtn. Vishwa Lokugamage, the ceremony commenced with the lighting of the oil lamp to symbolize the glamorous beginning of a new chapter.

The dignitaries took their places at the head table and the house was called to order by the Sergeant-at-arms Rtr. Umesha Anuththara.

The project chairperson, Director of the Club Service avenue Rtr. Dinushi Peiris welcomed the gathering after the Rotaract formalities were delivered by the Co-editor Rtr. Isuru Dissanayake.

Then, to look back at what we did and achieved as a club in the previous year, the outgoing secretary Rtr. Nemindi Rathnayake delivered the secretary’s report for the year 2019/20.

The next up was a walk down the memory lane, therefore a recap video of our Rotaract journey was screened. After that, with an interesting introduction given to the outgoing President, Rtr. Immediate Past President Rtr. Rivi Wijeratne addressed the gathering.

The incoming President for the year 2020/21 Rtr. Nipuna Rambukkanage was introduced and the collaring of the new president was done by the outgoing President Rtr. Rivi Wijeratne.

The President Rtr. Nipuna Rambukkanage addressed the gathering while expressing his thoughts about his journey with Rotaract and also about the bright and promising dawn of the new Rotaract year.

The new board of Directors for the year 2020/21 was introduced and they are as follows.

Vice President, Rtr. Kisal Ekanayake

Vice President, Rtr. Hiruni Chamika

Vice President, Rtr. Hasini Himaya

Secretary, Rtr. Sahan Silva

Assistant Secretary, Rtr. Avisha Malalaratne

Treasurer, Rtr. Temalka Prasad

Sergeant at arms, Rtr. Umesha Anuththara

Senior Editor, Rtr. Parami Ranasinghe

Co-Editor, Rtr. Isuri Gunatilake

Co-Editor, Rtr. Isuru Dissanayake

Co-Director Club Service, Rtr. Dinushi Peiris

Co-Director Club Service, Rtr. Pasan Sirimanne

Co-Director Community Service, Rtr. Nethmi Fonseka

Co-Director Community Service, Rtr. Gimhani Rathnayake

Co-Director International Service, Rtr. Devindi Weerasekara

Co-Director International Service, Rtr. Hansika Bandara

Co-Director Professional Development, Rtr. Chamini Nimeshika

Co-Director Professional Development, Rtr. Yadhuravi Ramachandran

Co-Director Sports and Entertainment, Rtr. Rusira Samarasinghe

Co-Director Sports and Entertainment, Rtr. Kalani Narmada 

Co-Director Member Relations, Rtr. Madusha Jayarathne

Co-Director Member Relations, Rtr. Dhanuka Piushan

Director Finance, Rtr. Malith Kavinda

Co-Director Digital Media, Rtr. Supun Viduranga

Co-Director Digital Media, Rtr. Osura Deemantha

Director Club Relations, Rtr. Punsisi Liyanage

Director Public Relations, Rtr. Mandakini Attanayake

It was indeed a brand new beginning of our Rotaract journey in the University of Kelaniya, and to add more glamour to the evening, the newly moderated website of the Rotaract club of University of Kelaniya was launched by the District Rotaract Representative, Rtn. Rtr. Past President, Kavindra Kasun Sigera.

The gathering was addressed by the District Rotaract Representative, Rtn. Rtr. Past President Kavindra Kasun Sigera while inspiring the new board of Directors with his passionate words.

A supportive figure for the young Rotaractors all over the island, President of the Rotary club of Colombo Uptown, Rtn. Vishwa Lokugamage, who was our chief guest in the occasion, addressed the gathering while instilling in us a new strength and hope.

An entertainment item was presented in order to break the monotony, and the audience was refreshed by the beautiful music.

As the ceremony was gradually reaching to its end, the tokens of appreciation were presented to the guests to express our heartfelt gratitude for their honorable presence at the event.

The vote of thanks were delivered by the Secretary Rtr. Sahan Silva and the stage was opened for the felicitations. (both physical and virtual) It was the beginning of a new path and we, as the Rotaractors of the university of Kelaniya took our initial steps on this new road filled with numerous achievements and success. So, it will surely be a promising year of rendering our service to the community in the best way possible!

Viva la Rotaract!

Written by- Senior Editor Rtr. Parami Ranasinghe

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