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Every day, billions of people benefit from the progression of technology. Much of its man-made progress is tagged with science. Science has been able to identify the impact of technology on humankind while at the same time identifying personality traits and how they may be affected by modern world trends. Technology and science have revolutionized humankind, human personality, and character. As a result of scientific advancement the amount of effort and energy required to complete work is often lightened and shortened. People are always able to research and learn about the world and the nature of humankind just through a single click on screen. Technology has literally created amazing tools and resources putting useful information at our fingertips. Science and technology not only interact with our daily lives extensively but have also influenced world affairs and health conditions. Science and technology have certainly made our lives more enjoyable because of all the advantages it has provided; it has simplified, accelerated, protected, and improved our lives. Tech science literary provides an array of knowledge to all human beings at a glimpse. The prolific extent of contemporary globalization would not have been possible without technology and science. This development supports seeking knowledge, connection, and communication. The booming world has advanced and has progressed primarily by science and technology. It has strengthened the world and has brought individuals together. So after understanding that technology and science undergo upgrades and new changes daily, the team Skill UP came to the forefront to update our curious geeks about the new updates, daily tricks and hacks to  “skill up” knowledge to make each day a masterpiece.

Team Skill Up began its project on the 30th of October 2020. A series of seven flyers that includes the latest tech-science updates as well as health discoveries and two videos that comprise tips and tricks about technology and personal development were shared across our ‘inquisitive geeks’ who are head over heels about new updates of the modern, everyday-changing world.

You may be watching too many HOW-TO videos or google multiple times to learn tips on WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW about diverse areas starting from how to watch a youtube video with less data consumption to the nature of human psychology and perhaps your personality traits. You may have struggled to search across reliable websites and content areas to know about the latest updates of your Whatsapp account, new functionalities of various software; perhaps even how to recover the post you accidentally deleted on Instagram! Understanding these requirements, the team took the initiative in “bringing the ideal something for you!.” The team was successfully able to research and grasp the latest trends, tips, and tricks and upgrade the audience to help them become tech-science-pros and at the same time nurture their personality to successfully lead their lifestyles in this digitalized world.

We have concluded the project successfully with the final video of Skill Up, posted on our official Youtube channel. (Click on the preview below to watch the full video!)

We are extremely proud of the abundance of positive feedback we have received so far and feel so privileged as Rotaractors for being able to lend our helping hands to those who are gladly looking forward to upgrade themselves with the latest trends and updates about the most trending fields!

Written by~ Rtr. Nirmani Jayawardena

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