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VIEW ME Project

As we move on to yet another project of relying on virtual platforms, realizing the opportunity, which boosts your confidence.

Hence, addressing the need to polish the knowledge of our very own undergraduates, we at the Professional Development Avenue of the Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya brought up the concept “VIEW ME”. This was planned to be executed in three distinct sessions.

The first session of the project was based on “CV writing, cover letter writing and how LinkedIn can help you in your career”

During the first hour, the session was conducted by Mrs. Keshavi Puswewala, Senior HR Business Partner, Unilever Sri Lanka. The session was moderated by an enthusiastic member, Rtr. Jayani Thilakarathne. Throughout the session, we were guided to create a proper CV, cover letter and LinkedIn, helping undergraduates to have a smart first impression on their recruiters.

Mrs. Keshavi started the first phase of the session by questioning about “Why your CV is important?”. Then the session flowed as an explanation, of how you want to capture your CV creative and informative. The speaker mentioned that always capture the details from the right side to the left side of the page. She highlighted that starting from the beginning contact details are extremely important.

Furthermore, she emphasized that, when we come to the second segment, education qualifications should be added and divided them into academic qualifications and professional qualifications. Moreover, she stated that “when you put these details, you really need to go and refer to the job advertisement you are referring to”. After that she mentioned, including responsibilities below work experience is okay but not too much content. She mentioned, details should start with a verb, it should be showcased as an action. She further explained that extracurricular activities are extremely important, related to the capabilities, they can ask many questions to figure out this part. After that, she explained about skills and mentioned that based on the skills, you’ll be categorized because you have a story for each skill. Furthermore, she stressed that language matters a lot as a medium of communication. The speaker further highlighted how we should choose the right referee and select who actually has time to give reference.

As the final part of the CV, she mentioned to keep in mind some other things, no spelling mistakes, less than three pages, attention to formatting, reverse chronological order and a customized CV.

In the next part of the conversation, Mrs. Keshavi highlighted, how to make the most out of your LinkedIn profile. Moreover, she stated that “LinkedIn is a word game, you want to match right word for the future that you want to”. She also mentioned that as LinkedIn is an important professional account when you put something read it first.

At the end of the session, there was a Q & A session, Mrs. Keshavi cleared all of them very simply.

The second part of the session was conducted by, Dr. Prabashini Wijewantha, Department of Human Resource Management Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies, University of Kelaniya.

Dr. Prabashini started the session by guiding the basics of cover letter writing and she mentioned that cover letter is also accompanied by CV. The speaker gradually covered the areas of “best practices of cover letters “and “how to write a cover letter”. Following that, she explained, what are the main goals of cover letter. She stated that a “cover letter should not be too much lengthy, and should be written related to the job“.

The last part of the session was a Q & A session, the audience was really excited in asking the questions, Dr. Prabashini answered them very fabulously.

“Professional Grooming & Etiquette” was the second session of the project.

The session was facilitated by the keynote speakers-Mr. Ashane Wadasinghe, Licensed Financial Advisor at AIA, Insurance Lanka Limited and Mrs. Ludmila, Certified HR Trainer, Fashion Design & Marketing Lecturer, Corporate Coach on Professional Grooming, CIM. The session was moderated by the organizing committee member – Rtr.Akshana Wickramasinghe.

The session which was conducted along with a slide show presented by Mr. Ashane started off with a concise explanation about branding history, he mentioned that, branding has the greatest history. Then he highlighted three main categories, “what the boss wants”, “formatting effectively” and “content is the KEY”. Moreover, before talking about professional grooming, he highlighted that, “Be unique when you create your CV, & write a killer cover letter”. Thereafter, Mr. Ashane went on making us aware of “how to do the setting the interview stage”. In order to give us a more realistic understanding of these topics, he stated that, “when you are in an interview, first of all, give attention to location, silence, and background “. Mr. Ashane highlighted that, the background should be less noisy, lighted, and your devices should be silenced. Next, he outlined personal prepping, dressing in light colours, using light makeup and be relaxed, smile because the cover tells a lot about you. Thereupon the focus should be given to the session as that is what represents you. Then he mentioned that neutral colour, classic shape with well-fitted clothes give a professional look & smart impression.

Mr. Ashane then pointed out, cleanliness & accessories. Afterwards, he mentioned that these little things are very important but we do not give much attention.  

At the end of the session, the moderator picked up certain questions presented by the audience and Mr. Ashane and Mrs. Ludmila answered them with much clarity. These answers interestingly built the confidence of viewers and as well creative ideas.

A long yet productive session came to a successful halt and as mentioned in the vote of thanks presented by Rtr.Akshana Wickramasinghe.

The project “View Me” was finally remarked as another successful journey of Professional Development Avenue of Rotaract club of University of Kelaniya.   

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