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Being in a era which technology plays a vital role in all our lives project spark X was organized by the IT  Team of Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya to address the need of empowering young entrepreneurs by providing them  the necessary guidance and knowledge to a successful  online career. With this purpose SPARK X webinar was successfully held on 26th of march at 4pm via zoom platform with the participation of many young individuals from many organizations including both island wide  Rotaract and Interact clubs.

Mr.Nishshanka de Silva ,Founder of Zeroplastic National Movement, a remarkable personality with many years of experience  in online entrepreneurship and freelancing conducted a two an half hour long session raising the awareness of aspiring young  minds about personal branding, online entrepreneurship and freelancing as well as the necessary measures that should be taken in order to prevent possible online scams. Participants were able to gain a clear knowledge on how to promote a personal  branding of  themselves as well as of  their online businesses through social media . How to create a proper image for themselves, how  to avoid any misjudgment about their online personality and brand name was among  the many  topics which were  thoroughly discussed.

Freelancing on the other hand being one of the safest and most flexible career option for students to earn a safe income using their passion and skill was indeed a one of the hot topics of the evening. Audience actively directed many of their queries  to the guest speaker where he clearly described the best procedure to launch a  successful career  as a freelancer .Even if the short period of time was not enough to cover the broad subject of online entrepreneurship and flew away quickly even before we notice because of the informative yet interesting nature of the discussion through the feedback received from the audience it was quite evident that the time spent  was indeed worth it .

~Written by:- Rtr. Madhavi Athulathmudali~

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