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Stay ALERT. Just say No!

My oldest memory of drugs is the word heroin and also confusing it with the word “heroine” which led me into wondering whether Kareena Kapoor’s movie “Heroine” was a documentary about drugs. (Yes, I was that unaware of everything that was drug related). I am positive that many of us have gone through a similar state of confusion/ignorance which is not at all the fault of any of us. In fact, it is the lack of awareness on this topic since it’s considered taboo in our society which involuntarily makes us less “alert” and prone to experimentation.

You would argue that people turn to drugs to avoid a rough patch in life as a means of escapism. But, in my opinion, as I mentioned before, experimenting with drugs due to curiosity without any prior research on the science behind the intoxication can drag you down the narcotics hell by smoking the (Devil’s) joint. So, what we need the most in order to overcome drug abuse is promoting awareness about drugs among all age groups and communities.

Well, First I am going to summarize the meaning of the word “drug” in a single sentence.

A drug is a substance that stimulates a psychological or a physiological reaction within an individual when it is consumed. (If you are a dedicated fan of the cohabitants upstairs of 221/B, Baker Street, you know what this sentence means!)

So, as I mentioned before, the word drug mostly has a negative connotation that runs far back into history. However, something that many of us are least aware of is that drugs can be extremely helpful in the medical field which is constantly prescribed for various illnesses and diseases under healthy doses. Consequently, the easy access to drugs in the form of pills, tablets and fluids within various medical outlets, has promoted recreational drug use regardless of age limits. Anyhow, it is worth paying attention to the fact that youth has become the easiest target of these narcotics and is in the dire need of a more customized form of rehabilitation.

It is a well known fact that narcotics are very addictive since they facilitate an escapist environment within the mind and thus makes the consumers demand such a consistent state of mind. This eventually made me think about a conversation I had with a friend upon this fascinating process that alters one’s physical and mental being.

So what we discussed is the fact that narcotics have the ability to make someone get a sudden burst of physical and mental energy, making it appealing as an easy way out. What we later found out is that the sudden burst of energy has shared characteristics of the same feeling we go through after a cup of coffee. (and should avoid drug addicts at all costs since some of them are prone to baseless aggressive behaviour) Intoxication caused by excessive use of drugs can also lead to paranoia, irrational thoughts, mood swings and irritability. All the more reason to avoid drug consumption at all costs if you value a healthy life physically mentally and socially!

Anyway, one might think that these destructive effects on the body and brain are active only if one is consuming the drugs and won’t be there after they quit. In contrast, it is the most untrue thing about drug abuse since they are long lasting and have a high potential of continuing those bad effects.

I firmly believe that nobody is keen on spending their youth maybe their whole life confined to a hospital bed and destroying their potential to enjoy the true joys of life. Therefore, what I want to tell is that drug addiction promises you nothing but a hallucination of escape from the challenges of life. As citizens of a country, it is our responsibility to abolish illegal drug consumption and to do that all you have to do is to “Stay ALERT and say NO”.

~Written by Rtr. Dilsha Kavindi, Team A: Rota Tomorrow.

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