As Rotaractors, our aim is to dream big, serve those in need and relish in seeing great things achieved. Driven by these three goals, the first project for the year 2018-19 by the Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya – Suwanetha: Vision for an Unclouded Future – was initiated. Under the avenue of Community Service, the project was held on 22nd September, 2018 at Sri Sugatha Subadhraramaya Temple, Galahitiyawa, with collaboration of the Faculty of Medicine of University of Kelaniya. Suwanetha, which was a one-day community eye clinic was held to make the future dreams come true for those experiencing visual impairments.

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The main services provided during the camp included carrying out of examinations to identify eye defects in individuals over forty years of age, donating spectacles for those in need of medical lenses and screening for cataracts. Furthermore, after identifying patients with cataracts, due steps were taken to direct them towards surgeries; the surgeries for those with financial difficulties will also be funded to be carried out by Ragama Hospital. All the medical examinations were performed by the doctors and optometrists of Ragama Hospital.
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The camp was able to provide free eye check-ups and various other services to over four hundred participants. As a club that strives towards bringing welfare to the society, Suwanetha was a dream coming true for not only those in need of good medical services but also for the members of club. We, the Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya indeed took pleasure in seeing the happiness of those whom we were able to serve through the project.

Suwanetha concluded successfully, with the compliments from the well-wishers who supported us throughout the project as well as with the appreciation from those who participated for the camp. the project was chaired by the Community Service Directors of the Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya, Rtr. Navodya Weerapura and Rtr. Prasadi Amarasinghe.6.jpg


-Rtr. Shehani Welagedara

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