“The Beach Clean-Up” – Community Service Project

The Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya initiated another vital project known as “The Beach Clean-Up” as a measure to preserve our environment from pollution. This event took place successfully on the 9th of February 2019, under the guidance of the directors of the Community Service Avenue, Rtr.Navodya Weerapura and Rtr.Prasadi Amarasinghe.

The event proceeded at Mount Lavinia beach and a selected portion of the land
was cleaned with the help of our fellow Rotaractors who voluntarily participated for the event which was acknowledged to them formerly. The volunteers were able to collect garbage and separate them based on their texture such as disposable and non-disposable. The non-disposables such as plastics/polethene and glass were separated into the garbage disposable bags which were supposed to be taken by the authorized authorities which were previously informed.

The main objectives of this project were an initiation to protect our beaches and coastal lines from the drenching pollution and encouraging to engage more in activities related to environmental preservation as it is our duly responsibility.

As much of an obligation, some locals and foreigners who were interested in our project, willingly supported joining hands with our fellow Rotaractors and also appreciated our effort in conducting an event as such. The event was a great success as the Rotaractors were able to clean the selected void proclaiming the objectives of our club as an embodiment of serving the greater community while also relishing our members to become good human beings.

By: Co-Editor – Ravindy Siriwardane

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