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The Holi Feast

Many happy, sad, and challenging times come into our lives. We have to face all these situations patiently. When there is a happy moment, we can cover all the other terrible things from it. This is life. With wonderful things that come into our lives, we can color our lives more colorfully.

Holi is a colorful festival, where it can be called as a festival of colors as well. Usually, the Holi festival is celebrated by Hindus. However, in the present, this festival has spread to other parties all over the world. Mainly, it is celebrated in India and that festive season is more colorful and full of happiness in the hearts of everyone. People celebrate this festival by throwing colors, by dancing, and partying.

Hindus celebrate Holi to welcome spring, spread love, wash their sin, and spread well over the devil. This adds new colors to the life of people with unity. People forget their resentments with others, and they play with colors and party together. As well as people believe that it helps to start their lives with a fresh mind. Since this is an ancient festival, there are ancient stories about the beginning of the Holi festival. Among them, the story of God Krishna’s and Goddess Radha’s love is popular. Krishna had blue skin because of consuming poisonous milk when he was a baby. So, Krishna thought that Radha would not love him because of his blue skin. However, Radha allowed Krishna to dye her skin with distinct colors implying their true love. So, festival participants throw color dye into the air covering all attendance. This is a moment full of love and happiness. By participating in this festival, we can release our stress by air with those colors. This is like medicine for our busy lives.

It is not just a festival to celebrate with friends or loved ones, it also teaches us many lessons that are useful to succeed in our journey. As Sri Lankans, we are familiar only with our culture but organizing such a festival provides an opportunity for people from different cultures to appreciate and learn about Indian culture and their traditions. It encourages cultural exchange and understanding. Holy symbolizes the end of evil and the end of negative thinking, which can lead to feelings of sadness, anger, frustration, and anxiety. Burning negative thoughts can bring new energy and enthusiasm to life and also it symbolizes equality through color application, promoting unity and eradicating inequality by celebrating the skin color of all and it breaks religious boundaries. The festival of colors teach the importance of self-care during Holi. Playing Holi teaches us to be proactive and prevent suspicious situations. The specialty of this wonderful occasion is that it allows to building of strong relationships between friends and family and also it is competent for fostering collaboration and reviving broken ones. It emphasizes the significance of social connections and being a part of a larger group. Lessons that we learn from this are useful to lighten our lives.

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