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The star of her own kind

Standing all by herself
Feeling no presence beside – nowhere…..
Penultimately stared unto the blank sky
Unveiling the surreal beauty
Witnessed how the cerulean sky carpet
-is being laced with pure white clouds

A moment after another
Passed slowly – involuntarily,
Keeping her occupied …..
Standing still – is she?
Even when the warm sun rays are being replaced
– with chilly breeze welcoming aubergine dusk?
Once again she witnessed
Not only the silvery moonlight,
– but also the gleaming starlights
Emitting along – narrating their own tales…
Still seeking a presence beside; anywhere?
May be a little, or may be not at all…..
“But, why bother?”
A subtle yet endearing voice whispered above her ear,
“When your world should revolve around you!”
Gentle radiant lights leading her path of vision…..
Creating her own magical fairytale
Emitting her own radiance
Just like the brightest star,
The star of her own kind….

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