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The Tale of her…

Mirror mirror on the wall

Why do you always wait for a call?

Here I am with an unanswered query

To fill in the pages of the worldly diary

Since the time of magic and fairy tales

Dazzling princess had loads of hurdles in their trails

Though elegant and amiable heart was the norm

Their whole life turned out to be a storm

Creating history; traveled the unstoppable time,

So said the delicate frail found her true rhyme

To walk her way not the same yet unique

Being herself, not afraid but mystique

Though the sea is calm, hushed and serene

You never know the depth that’s unseen

The women who simply wears a smile,

Might have thoughts of a pile

When does a breeze, become a cyclone – no one knows

And she too can be a storm blowing away the woes

She paints her life with colors of courage

Believe in it and admire her knowledge

Would you hear her voice, heed her views and amuse?

Would you trust in her choice without any refuse?

Oh mirror, listen to me and speak out your sight,

She too battles life, like a venturous knight.

~Written by: Rtr. Rahma Zuhri | Featured image designed by: Co-director of Digital Media Rtr .Ranula Bhagya~

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