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TO HEAL THE BURNING MINDS – ‘Rota Sonduru Sajje’

Against a monotonous life, providing a realistic experience through online communication ROTA SONDURU SAJJE embarked   a fun-loaded night on Friday, 17th September.  This graceful night was organized by the Club Service Avenue of the Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya in order to build a long-lasting and a strong bond between the club members and to add up a little colour to the club’s public image.

The SAJJE commenced at 7 .p.m. with a group of Rotaractors who dressed up with red and orange colors to experience the virtual “paduru party”. With 300+  Rotaractors in attendance, they turned on the camera and enjoyed themselves, providing that they were enthusiastic throughout the event.  

The cyberspace was filled with the talents of our performers with their exclusive touch of music

Rtr Pinsari Jayasundara who sang “Piyanane ma obe adara doni” was able to took the audience into their father’s arms adorably. Certainly her voice was emotional enough to make everyone’s eyes wet with tears.  

Rtr.Nipuni Maleesha and Rtr. Niroshan Lakmal introduce the next singer Rtr.Vishwanee Alahakoon  with an enjoyable introduction  mentioning  “ඩාම් වෙන ඩුම් වෙන ආදර කතා”. From the melodious voice she sang “akikaru pem kawak” remarked the end by reminding the audience of their fiancé or fiancée, crushes, breakups.

The “rota sonduru sajje” was  glamoured through  the voices  of  the famous guest artists; Miss. Nuwandhika Senarathne and Miss. Nipuni Herath. The charisma of evening was enhanced more by the guest singer Miss.Nipuni Herath’s “Thuhire” song. Her harmonious singing added a new colour to the evening.   

No relationship is ‘perfect’. It is the effort of two partners’ make it a relationship  perfect despite all the flaws present. This message was conveyed by Rtr.Ama Niyangoda through another  song.

ROTA SONDURU SAJJE was able to indicate flair talents in our avenue directors.  Especially the Co – director of the  Club Service avenue himself  Rtr. Theja Bandara enchanted  the audience by his breathtaking sitar performance. Furthermore, his Co-director  Rtr.Amanda Wimalasiri expressed  her support to him. It was inevitably proved through his sitar performance that music is a universal language which  heals any heart  .   

The music legend Mr. Keerthi Pasqual‘s “Thawa dawasak” which is a popular  among all generations was sung by Rtr. Pawan Sanjana.  

After the moderator Rtr.Shakya Niroshan’s cheerful introduction,   Rtr.Maeesha Mallawarachchi came around with the song “Nihanda Kalpana” 

The audience was delighted by Rtr. Sandeepani Godage’s song “කැමිලියා මල් සුවඳට.

Rtr. Ashka Kulathunga , a popular contestant in the Voice Sri Lanka competition also took in hand with  “Rota Sonduru Sajje”  as a proud member of our Rotaract Club.

Moderator Rtr.Pinsari Jayasundara gave a pleasing introduction for “Chandrayan pidu” song which was sung by Rtr.  Anuradha Weerakkody.  

Just a few hours prior to the commencement  of the fabulous evening, the organizing committee had  hinted that there would be a surprising   performance at the Paduru party, but did not reveal  who. While the audience was waiting with curiosity, our very own co director of  the Member Relations team ,  Rtr.Gimhan Rupasinghe provided a fantastic introduction about the person that audience was waiting for.This was about none other than our very own president  of the club, Rtr. Kisal Ekanayake. This unexpected performance was indeed  an amazing surprise to everyone.  

To commemorate Mr. Sunil Perera, a legend of Sri Lankan music and his valuble service rendered to the uplift of the field of   music,  the organizing committee didn’t forget to tribute him through the reminiscence of selected  hits of Gypsies by   Rtr.Dinura Liyanage, Rtr. Anuradha  Weerakkody  and Rtr. Sandeepani Godage .

Ultimately Rtr.Dinura Liyanage’s “Sigiri Sukumaliye” was able to fascinate the audience one last time by remarking the end of an enchanting, unforgettable evening.

 It was a great pleasure to witness the unseen talents of our very own members of the club and the rhythmical flow of the Sajje was  enhanced with the cheerful compering of the moderators.

As the slow music gradually progressed into a fast rhythm, the audience responded with dances, gestures and so on. After all, the “rota sonduru sajje” which was the very first project initiated by the   Club Service Avenue was able to  offer a classical evening to the occupied minds with tons of assignments and lectures .After having a great time with music, dancing and fellowship, the night ended with   lifelong memories.

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