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World Braille Day

Have you ever thought of how a visually impaired person feels like? Are you aware of how they educate themselves?

The internationally recognized method of helping visually impaired persons to learn, and to read is called the “Braille system”. Every year January 4th is dedicated to celebrating the significant task of the braille system and braille literacy along with commemorating Mr. Louise Braille, the inventor of this brilliant system.

Literacy is the most fundamental right of any human being. This is an equal condition for every individual regardless of their physical condition. Visually disabled people too own this right without any hesitation. The only difference is that they have to use a unique method which would provide an additional aid to them to read and to write. For this reason, visually impaired persons have been successfully using the braille system for years. The Braille system is a tactile writing system. Blind and partially sighted individuals could learn using the embossed papers or by using refreshable braille which are conected to smartphone devices.

The World Braille Day is not for only observing the greatness of the huge service towards the community through this braille system but also it remarks on the personality who was behind inventing the braille system. The inventor of the braille system is from France. He is Louis Braille who was blind at a very young age. He depicted one of the magnificent lessons of not giving up. He found a way to see the light through the darkness, providing a method for visually impaired persons to gain education. He has turned his weakness into a powerful strength while changing the lives of millions of blind and partially sighted people around the world up to now. This day marks the birth anniversary of Louise Braille, who was born on the 4th of January in 1809. This day reminisces the vast impact that his contribution has brought towards the betterment of the blind and visually impaired persons vividly.

The International Braille Day was brought into action since its inception in 2019 by the United Nations General Assembly. January plays a brilliant role as the month of braille literacy. The Braille system and its enormous service for the entire world are celebratory throughout the month educating the all the people of the community about the importance of this system for visually impaired persons. It helps to demonstrate the development of a country with the support of the braille system to enhance literacy.

Braille system has influenced each and every individual directly or indirectly. It teaches that disability can not make someone weak. One could change the world in an extraordinary manner by bringing change into his life.

Let us celebrate this month of braille literacy with better awareness and pride in the effort the visually impaired personalities have put to make their educational dreams a success through their dedication and untiring efforts!

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