World Down Syndrome Day 2020

It was 7th of March 2020, I’m recalling a day before quarantine where we took freedom to walk outside for granted. Well, let me go back to the last day where I was out with my dear Rotaractors not knowing it will be my last!

Early morning running to the station to catch the train that Thiva (Rtr. Thivangi) and I would head over to Pettah was not a rush at all. I myself being a siderodromophobiac, after a traumatic incident that had happened to me few years back had to wait for my sole dependent Thiva! Every minute that I was at the station running through the fear of missing that one train that Thiva was on, freaked me out because I didn’t want to go alone in the train to Pettah or by bus since the bus would take a trillion hours to get me to Mahanama college; I was impatient. I didn’t want to miss a perfect day that was awaiting for me at the end of our little bon voyage since last year I missed this wonderful day. However, the good new is I could catch Thiva on the right train and managed to get on board with her. We arrived at the Pettah station and we met Rtr. Mihiravi, along with her we got on to the bus number 100. Now excuse me for being so absentminded with the times but we safely arrived at Mahanama College with the help of the Google map.

–The photo booth– The photo booth was one amongst the many responsibilities assigned to us on this day. The booth was actually pulled of very well with the help of our exco, directors and few members.

Now, it was the time! The time to see some beautiful smiles that I’m awaiting so impatiently and for so long. And so just like that the buses pulled up, children, their parents and teachers came to the very home that our district has invited them to celebrate the World Down Syndrome day!

There were many beautiful faces running with smiles who visited our photo booth and posed with their favourite move. There goes the click of the camera corresponding with the rhythm of the blink of our eyes and one by one the happy faces that came to Mahanama college Colombo 7, from all over our country every year, gathered at the auditorium to celebrate their day! There were almost 250 beautiful faces joined us on this day. One of the best and remarkable sights that I enjoyed myself is seeing our fellow Rotaractors enjoying themselves with these beautiful souls. They even carried them on their hips, played with them, talked with them and smiled with them as we belong to a family.

The programme proceeded with the Rotaract formalities including the speech delivered by our Rotaract District Representative Rtr. Krishan Balaji. Let me fast forward a bit here to my favourite part of the day when I, along with my other directors were clustered to handle these rejoicing faces and to accompany them to the gaming area. I had so much of fun with these precious fellows by dancing, singing and drawing with them.
Honestly, I was bit jealous when Thiva got a kiss on her cheek from a sweet little princess but with so much of love and happiness swirling in the air, my jealousy for missing that kiss faded away!

With that we commissioned to the best part of the agenda, the show!
Yes, it was right after the lunch, the show to showcase the talents of these beautiful faces started. We were so astonished by their performances especially, their dancing moves and voices! With this much of fun, I can call it a day well spent! The good news is these smiling faces got a gift for themselves!

Now, let me sadly put a full stop to my favourite dear diary moments of my quarantine diary! But before that, I need to thank our district for organising such a wonderful programme every year and making our club and us a part of it! I would also like to thank everyone who was a part of it especially Dr. Janaki Vidanapathirana and the Merrill J.Fernando Foundation for conducting valuable sessions.

Photo credits to Kaushan Fernando : Official Photographer at

Co- Editor
Ravindy Siriwardane

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