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World Vegan Day

The World Vegan Day which is celebrated on the 1st of November is dedicated to the people who refrain from consuming or using products that are a result of animal exploitation. People who follow a vegan lifestyle don’t condone exploiting animals just to satisfy one’s palate. The world vegan day originated in 1994 in England with the influence of Louise Wallis who was the chair of the Vegan Society of the United Kingdom. The World Vegan Day which falls on the 1st of November each year is not an accident but a clever strategy of Louise Wallis as this day falls between the 31st of October which is Halloween and the 1st of November which is the Day of the Dead celebrated by Mexicans all around the world, which is a time of feasting and consuming animal products. 

Leading a vegan lifestyle is becoming increasingly easy as there are a variety of vegan alternatives offered as a substitute for meat, cheese, and butter all around the world even in developing countries. Also, the number of cafes and restaurants that offer vegan or plant-based alternatives has increased over the recent past. It is even predicted that the vegan food industry will grow from USD 23.31 billion in 2021 to USD 61.35 billion in 2028, by Fortune Business Insights. 

Commemorating the World Vegan Day doesn’t have to be celebrated in largescale, instead it can be celebrated by vegans with their close friends by introducing non-vegans to tasty and delicious vegan food and thereby showing them how easy and convenient leading a plant-based lifestyle is.

The actions of one individual can change the world may it be protecting the environment or stopping animal abuse and exploitation, veganism helps save the environment as well as prevent the exploitation of animals. So, on this day lets get to gather and contemplate whether the taste on our tongue is worth the suffering an animal has to endure to provide us with it.  

Rtr. Dinithi Fernando

Co-Editor 2022-23

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