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Writing Maze

Book is a window that lets you peep into the gigantic universe

Writing requires a lot of courage and enthusiasm which further enhances your freedom to express your thoughts, surpassing boundaries and restrictions. What is enthusiastic about writing is that it opens the imagination of an individual, letting him or her create a universe where all the non–existing unrealities become realistic while touching the core of one’s heart with a whirlpool of emotions and suspense. Thus, the writers who engage in the task of shaping the world of imagination should be proud of themselves because the very act of writing is highly admirable.

The project “Writing Maze” is just another milestone in laying the foundation for the uprising writers in the country. As implied by the name itself, it is to create a maze or a labyrinth of writings that highlights the potentials of fellow writers and to provide them a scope to express themselves and to unleash their wonderous skills in writing. 

What “Writing Maze” is about?

To clarify, it is a project initiated by the Club Relations Avenue of RACUOK. The objective of the project is to gather writers from 22 different clubs including the RI District 3220, in order to construct a collaborative plot that would result in an outstanding novel. During the process of writing, each club gets one particular chapter to complete within a week. The writing of the chapters provides ample scope for the writers to build up the story at the peak of creativity. The project provides an amazing opportunity for creative minds to showcase their creativity and it is also an attempt to assess on how a plot can uniquely proceed in the hands of multiple writers with unexpected twist and turns.

The ultimate goal of Writing Maze is to raise funds through the sale of the book, which will be donated to help stray animals. 

How this magical event commenced?

The first OC meeting for the project was held on the 29th of July 2022 during which the members and their specific roles were introduced and explained. At the same time, the project name was also selected, and the project logo was created according to the suggestions of the OC members. In order to add the details of the writers and the club coordinators, a tracker was also suggested. Then, the guideline booklet which was named as “Weavers’ Guide” was created. Moreover, a detailed timeline was prepared for all the related flyers. In addition, the invitations for the 20 clubs were emailed and an official WhatsApp group titled “Weavers’ Group” was also created for the writers from all 21 clubs in order to successfully communicate with them. 

The first virtual meet-up with the writers from other clubs was conducted on the 21st of August 2022 via Zoom. During the session, the project was once again introduced and explained to the participants. The meeting was highly interactive and various fun games were conducted in order to improve interaction with the participants of the project and to get to know them more. Eventually, a questionnaire was prepared to get feedback that would help, when publishing the book and also to gather opinions regarding the fund for stray dogs which was released to all the avenues and to the Weavers’ group on the 24th of August 2022.

How did the story unfold?

The first chapter of the booklet was handed over to the Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya in the month of September, which is significant as it is considered as the literacy month. The first chapter was weaved by Rtr. Thedini Herath, Rtr. Januli Bandara and Rtr. Rahma Zuhri respctively initiating the unique endeavour of blending creativeness.

The second chapter was offered to the Rotaract Club of Achievers’ Lanka Business School. Then, the Rotaract Club of Alumni of University of Moratuwa wrote the third chapter of the book while the Rotaract Club of Cinnamon Gardens started working on the fourth chapter. So on continues the journey of Writing Maze handing over every new chapter to be scripted by different Rotaract Clubs and below is a glimpse of the road map.

It can be said that the objective of the project and the approach in achieving the goal are highly remarkable. To be a part of this noble event provides immense respect for each and every member of the project Writing Maze. Thereby, the completion of it contributes for the betterment of the society and helps the development of greater skills within oneself which adds in further uniqueness along with the essence of creativity.

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