Project Saviya

The month of May in 2016, marked one of the greatest disaster of all time in Sri Lanka as the floods and the landslides caused the immense disaster in the island. The conditions led to deaths of over 200 people while more than a million people affected by the adverse weather conditions.

Life always give hardships to every one but, what matters most is how we face them. Sometimes it becomes hard to face them alone. So we need volunteers who help us to face these hardships.

Saviya was one instance that the rotaracors of RCUOK got the chance to volunteer to help our people. Saviya is a planned out project with 2 phases. Phase 1 and 2, concentrated on collection and distribution of essential items to the people effected and help them reconcile in to their usual lives. The collection points were established at the University of Kelaniya premises. Through out four days the collections were done with in university premises and it was pretty amazing to see how much kind heart people are in this country.

With such a short notice we were able collect many items and all of those were distributed to people who were in need.The distribution was done by members itself in the Kaduwela which was heavily affected by the weather.

Just as it was a very heart breaking instance for all of us the RCUoK committee for the year 2015/ 2016 is very relished because we were able to end our year with such an important project.

Written By: Rtr. Shenali Perera (Editor)


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