The General Meeting for the month of December and the DRR visit.

The General Meeting for the month of December was special since the District Rotaract Representative Rtr. PP. Krishan Balaji and the Guide club coordinator, District director of professional development, Rtr. IPP. Paveen Perera honoured us with their presence this month.


The meeting started around 5 pm on the 23rd of December at the hall K 002, in the faculty of Humanities and social sciences. Many enthusiastic Rotaractors were gathered there for the meeting despite of it being the Christmas week. The meeting began with the house being called into order by the Sergeant at arms Rtr. Ishanka Sooriyaarachchi. The national anthem and the Rotaract anthem were sung followed by the Rotaract formalities. The joint secretary Rtr. Parami Mallawaarachchi read out the minutes of the previous AGM.


The president Rtr. Rivi Wijeratne welcomed everyone and the Directors of each avenue presented their reports of the projects completed as well as the overviews of the future projects.


The winners of the Cricket Tournament “Down the wicket” were appreciated and the team leader Rtr. Rusira Nipun Samarasingha shared a few words with the audience.


The District Rotaract Representative Rtr. Krishan Balaji addressed the gathering and an open discussion went around regarding ‘Rotaract’ and how the members feel about being Rotaractors. The members were inspired by the discussion and they were made to evaluate and question themselves about the prime motive or the reason of them becoming Rotaractors.

Then it was the time for the December-born members of the club to celebrate their birthdays together, by blowing out the candles on the birthday cake.


Therefore, the AGM for the month of December was adjourned and everyone gathered around the table for the photograph which was taken to cherish the memory of another successful AGM.


~Co- Editor Rtr. Parami Ranasinghe

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