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Greatest Cricket Batsmen of All Time

Once with Down the Wicket, it would be absolutely impossible to move on ignoring the inspiration which the international cricket players have bestowed upon all cricket lunatics.

Kumar Sangakkara was considered the world’s greatest wicket-keeper-batters. His test debut was from the 20th  of July 2000 to the 20th  of  August 2015 and his ODI debut was from the 5th of July 2000 to the 18th of March 2015. Being one among the top three batsmen in the world, Sangakkara played for 134 test matches, scoring 12,400 runs and 404 ODI matches with 14,234 runs. Throughout his journey of test matches, he has scored 38 centuries and 11 double centuries. His top score in ODI is 169.

Brian Lara who played for West Indies as a left-handed batsman, scored 9 double centuries in test cricket with a highest record of 10000 runs in the history of West Indies’ cricket.  Sourav Ganguly, another popular batsman of India scored 16 and 22 centuries in test and ODI respectively. Adam Gilchrist, an Australian batsman played 96 and 287 matches for the test and ODI respectively. He has acquired 9619 runs in his ODI matches and has scored 17 & 16 centuries for both test and ODI matches respectively along with his top scores; 204 and 172 in those 2 matches. Also, David Gower once an English player had 117 and 114 matches in his test and ODI life. He has scored 18 and 7 centuries during his career in test and ODI matches respectively.

There were other greater right- handed batsmen from various countries of the world like Sachin Tendulkar who had played 200 and 463 matches in test and ODI while scoring 51 and 49 centuries in the matches respectively.

Rahul Dravid, being another celebrated cricketer has played 164 test matches and 344 ODI’s, collecting 36 and 12 centuries respectively. Virat Kohli, a current player of Indian team has played 99 test matches with 27 centuries and 254 ODI with 43 centuries. Ricky Ponting, an Australian player has played 168 and 375 matches while scoring 41 and 30 centuries in these matches respectively. Last of all, Don Bradman, was a strong player who was famous for his test batting average of 99.94. He played 52 test matches and 234 first class, scoring 29 and 117 centuries for the aforementioned matches respectively.

This is a summary of the key scorings of great batsmen in the history of cricket who glorified themselves in the eyes of the international cricket fan base.

~ Written by : Rtr. Dehemi Marasinghe | Featured image designed by : Rtr. Hashan Koonara ~

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