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International Day of Families

The International Day of Families is also known as International Family Day. The first commemoration of the day occurred in 1994 by the United Nations General Assembly in 1993. The United Nations stated that the goal of establishing this day regarding families was to raise awareness of family issues and expand knowledge of the processes that affect families, including social and demographic, and economic variables with the goal of stimulating the well-being and sustenance of families all across the world. The United Nations focuses on issues that are vital to the well-being of families around the world, such as health, education, child rights, gender equality, work-family balance, and social inclusion. 

The UN secretary-general announces a theme for the International Day of Families every year. In 2023 International Day of Families is celebrated with the theme of ‘Demographic Trends and Families‘’ which focuses on important demographic changes and their influence on families as part of the preparations for the thirtieth anniversary of the International Year of the Family, 2024.

Prior International Family Day themes have comprised:

  • 2022 — Families and Urbanization
  • 2021 — Families and New Technologies
  • 2020 — Families in Development
  • 2019 — Families and Climate Action: Focus on SDG13

Families and Demographic Change

Demographic change shows the studies of the population based on gender, age, race, economic status, and level of education. Family change is what you decide to do with your family. What are the best solutions to the problems managing family life? Well, first find a balance between your work and your life outside of work, you can’t be a workaholic if you want to manage the problems going on in your family life. 

Nowadays, streets, clothes, cars, and even families have changed for the better. But dealing with the challenges you will face in this century is not easy. They should plan before having families and start saving money.

Demographic changes increase family members’ uncertainty about their relationships. Also, outline the development of family concepts and improvements in study design to identify principles that demographers should incorporate in new research to shed light on families’ support for their members.

Here are some ways to celebrate the International Day of Families,

  • Volunteer as a family
  • Make a family tree
  • Plan a community family picnic

It will emphasize the value of family in society and serve as a reminder that no two families are alike. Also, it’s an opportunity to conduct an important discussion about some of the families throughout the world confront. 

No matter how complex and eclectic, families are critically important. Whether a family is defined as a group of individuals into which a person is born or as something gained along the way, International Family Day is here to recognize the value of having a “tribe” of people to live along with!

Family is one of nature’s masterpieces, in spans of the uncertain world family is the fairest. Adopt the demographic change and celebrate your family!

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