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Into the Woods Virtual Adventure

INTO THE WOODS virtual adventure is a project organized by the Club Service Avenue to show the significance of our club’s legacy.

We, as a Rotaract club have rendered a service of 10 years to our fellow men. Thus to mark this significant decade of service the hiking series proceeded but due to the ongoing pandemic we redefined our project.

Thus, this project proceeded via facebook as a game. The game was simple, we gave some clues of mountain in Sri lanka such as Ritigala, Alagalla, Conical hill, Uthuwankanda, One tree hill & Knuches. The competitors had to identify the relevant mountain and comment the name of the mountain along with a picture they took at that particular place.

The mountains were chosen as their first letters would add up and make our club name; RACUOK.

The Game was opened for both Rotaractors and non-Rotaractors.
We had 3 main objectives. First, to make the public aware of the 10th anniversary our club. Second as a remedy for the mental health caused by people being trapped inside their homes due to the epidemic and thirdly to gain more reaches to our club facebook page.
Thus, unanimously we selected winners who adhered to our rules and regulations. The winners are;
(R)-1: Himantha Alahakon
(A)-2: Lihini Weerakoon
(C)-3: Ravindra Tammita
(U)-4: Lihini Weerakoon
(O)-5: Ravindra Tammita
(K)-6: Krishantha Prementhriraja

The game was held from 12th May 2020 till 17th May 2020 with abundance of positive feedbacks and people playing the game with so much enthusiasm. We believe that this project reached our objectives but atop of that we showcased our legacy with pride.

Rtr. Pasan Sirimanna

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