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Jingle Bells

This year, as we celebrated the festivities, our hearts were touched, and our souls were warmed by the cheerful smiles of the children at Peter Weerasekara Children’s Home, Miriswatta.

Through our heartwarming initiative called Project “Jingle Bells”, organized by the Community Service Avenue of RACUOK, we shared not just presents, but an abundance of smiles, joy, and love with these little hearts.

On the bright and sunny morning of December 21st, we visited the children’s home, excited to connect with the kids. We were warmly welcomed and introduced to these little souls. As we spent time getting to know them, we felt an instant bond forming, knowing that this day would be one to remember.

To kick-start our day, we engaged in a delightful handcraft activity. Together, we helped the children make beautiful paper Christmas trees. It was heartwarming to watch the room fill with excitement and cute fights for scissors and papers.

What followed was an afternoon filled with fun, laughter and energy. Balloon games had everyone on their toes, chasing after them with wide smiles. The fun continued with musical chairs, where they danced and sang their hearts out.

After a much-needed afternoon nap, we gathered once again, ready to create more treasured memories. We shared snacks and watched cartoons together. It was a delightful moment of shared entertainment, where the children felt at home, surrounded by love and laughter.

No Christmas celebration is complete without the joyous sound of carols filling the air. So everyone got together and sang carols and as the day drew to a close, we presented the children with chocolates and gifts. The joy that lit up their faces was priceless. We were humbled by the opportunity to bring happiness to these precious little souls.

And just like that, we successfully wrapped up Project Jingle Bells. This wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication and hard work of our incredible Organizing Committee.

Even though the project was planned on short notice, we pulled it out perfectly and together we were able to make this Christmas merrier and more memorable for these children who deserve nothing but love and joy.

As we reflect on the heartwarming experience of Project Jingle Bells, our hearts are filled with gratitude. Christmas is not just about presents; it is about spreading love, kindness, and joy to those who need it the most.

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