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Knowledge is like a candle that lights up the darkness, enabling us to navigate through life’s challenges with clarity and purpose.

The dissemination of knowledge is akin to a beacon in the darkness, guiding us through life’s challenges with enlightenment and purpose. By sharing knowledge, we empower individuals to make informed decisions, foster a culture of learning, and inspire positive change in society. Pensala is such a beacon of light that was implemented to embark on the endeavor of spreading knowledge.

Project “Pensala” is an initiative by the Community Service Avenue of the Rotaract Club of the University of Kelaniya with the primary objective of addressing the challenges faced by the Sri Lankan education system. Sri Lanka has long placed a high priority on education, evident through its comprehensive free education policy that covers students from preschool to university level. However, despite this commitment, there remain significant barriers preventing equal access to quality education for all students, particularly those residing in rural areas.

By undertaking the initiative, “Pensala” project aspires to empower students and educators alike, enabling them to overcome the barriers that hinder their educational progress. Ultimately, the project aims to contribute to the realization of Sri Lanka’s vision of providing equal and quality education to all its students, irrespective of their geographical location.

The inception of the “Pensala” project was driven by the objective of providing support to Ordinary Level (OL) students across Sri Lanka, recognizing the significance of excelling in this examination as a fundamental and vital step in life. The project was designed to assist these students by organizing a series of seminars on subjects requested by pre-selected schools. A total of four schools were carefully chosen to implement the project effectively. Resource personnel for the project were identified through connections within the university community. Alongside conducting informative seminars, printed model papers were distributed to the students for each subject. The subjects of Science, Maths, English, History and many more were covered at the schools namely, Vidyaraja Maha Vidyalaya, Thelangapatha Rathanapala Maha Vidyalaya, Pamunugama Maha Vidyalaya and Sri Sumangala National School. Apart from organizing seminars, the project also included a generous donation of paper maps and essential items to the students of Sri Sumangala National School.

A notable feature of this project was its reliance on the main fundraiser for service projects of the club, known as “Spectrum,” to secure funding for various components. 

Project Pensala was a special initiative undertaken with the purpose of spreading knowledge, empowering students with required resources and help them successfully navigate through the upcoming Ordinary Level examination as it is an important milestone in their educational odyssey.

Team Pensala poured their dedication, commitment and effort into steering the project towards the destination of presenting Pensala as a quill of scripting success in the lives of students of the rural area.

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