Jingle Eve 2019

Jingle Eve 2019 was a night to remember not merely because it was held on the 31st night as a prelude to the New Year with an amazing DJ but because we celebrated the Christmas on the very date. The Jingle Eve was a project powered by the Club Service Avenue of the Rotaract club of University of Kelaniya with the immense support of its members. The evening was splendid and was filled with nothing but joy and of course fingers unceasingly awaiting till the carols start and not to forget the fact that we could dance to the beat of the DJ.

Jingle Eve had a participation of Rotaractors, undergraduates of University of Kelaniya , friends of Rotaract and friends in Rotaract. The event proceeded from 7. 00 PM onwards. The credits for the success ought to be clearly given to the Club Service Avenue directors Rtr. Poornima Attanayake and Rtr. Vishma Perera and undoubtedly to the support of the organizing committee, members, Exco and the board of directors.


The Christmas carols had an everlasting impact accustomed to the resources we have in our club who showcased their hidden talents through events such as this. The performances starting from singing to music composition were all done by our very own Rotaractors who took a tremendous effort in practicing the carols and bringing together a faultless outcome.

The Christmas carol was looked throughout its proceedings by the direction and guidance of our Senior Editor, Rtr Suzan Sewwandi, Rtr. Sinduja Amani and the musical instruments were played by our very own treasurer Rtr. Lakmal Chathuranga and our Professional Development Avenue co-director Rtr. Kameera Hemachandra along with some Rotaractors. The evening was indeed magical with the Christmas vibes spreading throughout the event since the Christmas decorations captured the attention and not to forget the Secret Santa game we played in which the participants were given with names of the other participants discreetly and they were supposed to buy gifts for their respective participant without their acknowledgement. The gifts were exchanged but most of them couldn’t find who their Santa was (even to the very date).


Since we all know that Santa Claus is prodigious although he climbs down a chimney and place the presents we sent him in the list prior to the Christmas, our Santa of course didn’t climb down a chimney but apparently walked right in through the doors and since our Santa had obviously lost our gift lists, he managed to pull things off with surprising gifts and a bag full of sweets! Yes, we had a vist from the Santa Claus in the Jingle Eve which was something that none expected!


The DJ was given its own time after the carol session concluded along with our last game for the night, which was the balloon dance. The competition was tough that it was so hard for our judges to choose a winner but with the unanimous decision of the judges who were left with 5 incredible competitors who never broke a single rule of the game, the decision was taken. The DJ proceeded with our Rotaractors and non Rotaractors having a great time celebrating an year’s end and also an evasion from the tons of assignments left behind the corner of the room that really needed to be finished before they hit the deadlines and needed so much of thought and energy to start them in the first place. Thus, we assume the boost we gave to them on the 31st night at the Jingle Eve hiked up their energy to do their assignments and to do more in 2020! With such an incredible evening which lasted for a night full of abundance of memories and joy, we concluded the event at 9.30 pm. Furthermore, not to forget the flash of the camera light that captured every moment of the eve that could be seen in our album on Facebook via the link https://www.facebook.com/353155714765423/posts/2698668420214129/ and the full album available at the Ishara Supun Photography page via the link https://www.facebook.com/324449931505142/posts/514782059138594/, we hope these memories would last in our memories forever and we would cherish them together!

With that we hope to see you in the next year with another Jingle Eve even more grandeur than 2019!

Co-Editor Ravindy Siriwardane

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