Paa Satahan

“Gender based violence anywhere is a threat to peace and security everywhere.”

Gender based violence is a current issue that is being addressed by many speakers on different stages for various audiences and this topic has become one of the most discussed topics of all time. Though it is being severely discussed, the impact that has been made to the society in regards to this issue is minimal. Therefore the Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya in collaboration with the Rotaract Club of SLIIT initiated a community service project to give a helping hand on creating awareness, in order to reduce these gender based violence.

The project was successfully concluded on 7th of December 2016 at the MBA Hall of University of Kelaniya with almost 100 participants from both University of Kelaniya and SLIIT along with our fellow Rotaractors from other clubs.

The gathering of the project “Paa Satahan”, was addressed by a recognized UN volunteer, Mr. Thusandra Vijayanathan who touched upon various aspects of gender based violence in order to make the audience understand how dangerous this problem has become in the present world. He mainly emphasized on cyber violence which is a booming trend under this cruelty, in addition to mentioning that many institutes and authorities have taken initiatives to put a full stop for this issue, though it has not been stopped still.

We, as the younger generation of the world have a responsibility to take this issue seriously and do our part in order to put a stop to this cruelty, because it is our utmost duty and responsibility towards the betterment of the future society that we are going to live in. Furthermore this world will become a better place for everyone to live irrespective of their gender if we treat and respect both genders in the correct manner.

Written by : Rtr. Darsha Hewapanna (Joint Secretary)

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