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The project SMILES is a joint project initiated by the Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya and the Rotaract Club of Colombo West on the 11th of December 2022. This was organized by the Community Service Avenue of the Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya. Finalizing the name of this project and drafting the PR plan was done by the 14th of December 2022.

Execution of the PR plan and few donation flyers were shared among the club members on the 17th of December 2022. Tea powder, sugar, washing powder, dry rations and monetary donations were accepted from the members of both the Rotaract Clubs on the 26th of December 2022. Ultimately fourteen members visited Victoria Home, Rajagiriya on the 2nd January 2023 at 2.00 p.m. marking the successful execution of the project SMILES.

The project was launched to donate the aged in Victoria Elders’ Home which is situated in Rajagiriya. Victoria Home is a place where people with disabilities and incurable conditions live. This is one of the 11 Disability Services and Supports Organizations in Sri Lanka. 127 men and women live in this home and it runs on funds which is given by the government and generous donations of the people.

The project was initiated during Christmas and New Year seasons by the organizing committee.

It was a mesmerizing day as the members were able to not only share material stuff but also gained the golden opportunity of sharing happiness with the dear elders, spending a day with them.

The major objectives of the project SMILES were to support the elderly people who are helpless due to severe economic pressures in Sri Lanka as much as possible, to make the community aware that such disabled elderly people live amongst us and they need our love and support, to uplift their mental health which has deteriorated consequently by being stuck in one place due to disabilities, encourage and motivate the youth to serve such community and also to nourish and reinforce fellowships and bounds between the Rotaract clubs of University of Kelaniya and Colombo West. 

Another unforgettable initiative by the Community Services Avenue of the Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya.

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