As rotaractors and as undergraduates, we have come a long way in our education journey. Most of us were privileged to have a supportive environment for our education. However, it is not everyone that is privileged of such luxury. The rotaractors of the University of Kelaniya discovered the Dadagamuwa Primary School, Veyangoda, a school located not that far away from Colombo yet confide by the challenges of the economy.

The Rotaractors of the University of Kelaniya, took the time to help these students who are laying the foundation to their lives at the primary school. The project “Peramaga” comes under the community service avenue and the project was chaired by Rtr. Shammmi Srilal (Director – IT)

The programme included 3 main phases.

  1. Renovation and Shramadhana session – The entire school was colour washed and cleaned. Mainly the main hall of the school was rearranged and the children’s playing area was painted and renovated.
  2. Eye Clinic – An eye clinic was conducted with the support of the academic staff of the school to help the students to help them discover their weaknesses and to direct them to overcome it. From this clinic we realised the amount of dedication of the teachers to make a better future for children.

While having a discussion with one of the senior teachers of the school she mentioned us that the school is providing breakfast for all the children every day and also all vitamin tablets that are needed for children are also provided.

  1. Leadership Training – These students despite hailing from the unexpected background have the potential to strive for glory and the leadership training for these children seemed effective as there was a lot the young minds could absorb. A small engilsh speech round was conducted by the rotaractors and it was highlighted that the teachers have tried their best to develop the english speaking and writing abilities of children.

Through the project Pereamaga we had the ability of catering to the needs of a set of children who are rarely looked upon and assists them to lay a strong foundation to their lives. Also through this project all of us were realised how hard the teachers are trying to build the future of children by taking all the responsibilities to their shoulders.

Written By : Rtr. Darshatha Gamage (Director – Professional Development)

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