Rotaract Road Trip to the Northern Province- September 2019.

It was the second Rotaract Road Trip organized after the ‘Wayamba Road Trip’- the first successful journey of strengthening fellowship beyond distance. The Northern Road Trip was scheduled on the 12th of September and the destination was Jaffna- the capital city of Northern province.


We departed around 10.00 pm from Colombo with great excitement and enthusiasm packed in our minds about the three-day journey ahead. It was an overnight travel and even though we were tired of travelling for long hours, it is needless to say that the journey was filled with laughter and amusement with the fellow Rotaractors.


We reached our destination around 7.00 am on the following day and after allowing ourselves for a brief and quick relaxation at our accommodation, we left to visit Nagadeepa Raja Maha Viharaya – a sacred ancient temple worshipped by Buddhists over centuries. With all the good blessings we received there, we headed back to the island of Nainativu – a tiny island off the coast of Jaffna well known for the Nainativu Kovil situated there. The ferry voyage which took us there was a memorable experience we had in this journey.


We spent the rest of the day by engaging in the Beach cleanup at Casurina beach, using our sweat and time in the most useful way possible.
We arrived at the hotel in the evening with contented hearts filled with happiness and satisfaction of spending our first day of the trip successfully. Yet there were more amusements waiting for us in the night as we had the most awaited Baila night, marking the end of a good day in a pleasurable manner.


The second day of the trip was scheduled around the events of the District Council Meeting for the month of September, ‘Tour de Yazhpanam’ the exploration session of the city of Jaffna and the most enjoyable hours at Kankasanthurei (KKS) beach where we had a special swimming session conducted by our President Rivi (who himself can’t swim) exclusively for a group of girls. The second day of the trip was filled with delight and we headed back to the hotel to get the night’s rest.


On the 15th of September- the final day of the trip, we took part in two joint installation ceremonies for the new Rotaract year. First was the joint installation ceremony of the Rotaract clubs of Chullipuram, Jaffna peninsula and Nallur Heritage. After that was the joint installation ceremony of the Rotaract clubs of Jaffna and Jaffna Midtown. We were delighted to be there with them spreading the true sense of fellowship among Rotaractors of every region and creed.


Thus, the Rotaract Road Trip to the Northern province marked its end as we departed from Jaffna around 5.00 pm taking our way back home to Colombo with a good deal of good memories we made on our three day journey that would last for a lifetime!


~ Rtr.Parami Ranasinghe, Co- Editor.

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