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Transition Meeting 2021-22

The dawn of an eminent era and a rise of another triumphant hereafter!

The dawn of the sun is for the rise of a new day and every ending paves the path for another splendid beginning.

The 9th of July 2022 was added as another monumental day of the magnificent Rotaract diary of the Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya. The “Transition Meeting” of the year 2021-22 was held via Zoom from 10 a.m. onwards with the presence of the distinguished guests and Rotaractors.

The meeting officially began with the voice of the Sergeant-at-Arms, Rtr. Mahesh Jayawickrama being heard in the Zoom space stating, ‘I call this house to order’. Then the initiation was taken by the outgoing President Rtr. Kisal Ekanayake with the bang of the gavel which was a depiction of the statement ‘I hereby call the annual general meeting and the transition meeting of the Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya to order!’ by the outgoing president. The bang of the noble gavel was indeed a glorious alarm which signified the unique moments which were yet to be created. Followed by that the Rotaract Formalities were presented by Rtr. Rahma Zuhri, the Senior Editor of the upcoming Rotaract year which included the flag salutation, Rotaract invocation and the Rotaract – four-way test which commemorated the honor and glory inherited by Rotaract. Feeling the rhythm of pride, the Rotaract song was played which echoed throughout the Zoom space as well as in the heart of the Rotaractors. Next in line was the meeting minutes for the month of May was presented by the Outgoing Secretary Rtr. Avisha Malarathna recalling the moments of the previous meeting. 

Next the Outgoing President of the club Rtr. Kisal Ekanayake was invited to address the gathering, but with regards to the phrase ‘expect the unexpected’ a surprise video was placed which was a wonderful collection of memories in the Rotaract journey of the outgoing President which was presented as a gesture of thanking for being an inspiring president. The video created a heartfelt vibe that celebrated the extraordinary leader who guided RACUOK throughout the year 2021-22. The Outgoing President of the club Rtr. Kisal Ekanayake then delivered his speech addressing the gathering. He thanked the incoming team for the wonderful video and initiated his speech by recognizing the dignitaries of the meeting. He recognized and congratulated every Rotaractor for the outstanding achievements and recognition gained as a club. He mentioned that though the past year was full of challenges, as a youth organization we have succeeded in accomplishing our purpose. Further, he recognized the magnificent initiatives done by the avenues and the support of the technical teams who had provided an outstanding support throughout the journey. The outgoing President recalled his Rotaract journey sharing his experiences of the challenging yet splendid year. Rtr. Kisal Ekanayaka concluded his speech signing off as the President of the Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya for the Rotaract year 2021-22 by mentioning that “Rotaract is not just about achievements which are only recognitions for the good work, time, effort invested behalf of the movement but as young adults of the country, we should be responsible in making things happen which should be carried forward” and extending his trust that the incoming leadership will do an outstanding job in the upcoming year to serve the community, serve Sri Lanka, serve our beloved university of Kelaniya, friends family and everyone around. 

Upon concluding his speech Rtr. Kisal Ekanayake was presented with a token of appreciation by the incoming president Rtr. Manula Pethiyagoda on behalf of the Rotaract family, for the endless effort, extraordinary support and amazing guidance provided as the inspiring president of RACUOK for the year 2021-22.

Next was the momentous moment of the transition meeting which was introducing the incoming president for the RI year 2022-23. Rtr. Manula Pethiyagoda was then collared as the incoming president of RACUOK and the gavel was handed over with dignity. This remarked the official beginning of another glorious journey of the club under another outstanding leadership.

Rtr. Manula Pethiyagoda, officially appointed as the President of the Rotaract club of University of Kelaniya took this opportunity to thank everyone who supported and guided throughout. He also stated that ‘We as Rotaractors can come out strong and work towards a better tomorrow’

Then was time to introduce the incoming members of the executive committee and the board of directors for the Rotaract International year 2022-23, which was officially introduced by the president Rtr. Manula Pethiyagoda. 

Finally, the President concluded his speech by mentioning that as per the slogan of RACUOK for the year 2022-23 we are ready to INNOVATE, PERSIST and THRIVE. “Viva la Rotaract”!

Next Miss Shanika Wijenayaka, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Marketing Management, Senior Treasurer of the Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya addressed the gathering beginning her speech with an appreciation to the outgoing team for the job well done. She emphasized on the important role played by the club and added her insights about the future journey of the incoming board. Next in the agenda was the address by Rtn. Delan Silva, President of Colombo Uptown to enlighten the gathering. Rtn. Delan Silva conveyed his appreciation to the outgoing president and his board and also added his wishes to the incoming team. He mentioned on behalf of the Rotary Club of Colombo Uptown that the club will always support RACUOK and is proud to be the sponsoring club. Next Rtr. IPP Sasitha Eldeniya outgoing Guide Club Coordinator addressed the gathering sharing her thoughts about the journey with the Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya as the GCC. She added her appreciation to the outgoing president Rtr. Kisal Ekanayake, secretary Rtr. Avisha Malarathne and the enthusiastic team for the amazing work done and thanked them for the support given to successfully play the role of a proud GCC. She also extended her wishes and insights to the incoming president Rtr. Manula Pethiyagoda and his team. Following the speech by the outgoing GCC, the incoming Guide Club Coordinator for the year 2022-23, Rtr. IPP Kavinda Senarathne addressed their gathering congratulating the boards and emphasized on the impact that can be created upon the community through projects. 

Lastly as the final remark the incoming secretary Rtr. Verosha Abeygoonewardena delivered the vote of thanks expressing gratitude on behalf of the club to everyone who supported the club to achieve success and to all dignitaries and members who joined this special meeting of RACUOK.

The meeting was handed over to the outgoing president for a few final remarks and finally, the meeting was adjourned as the President Rtr. Manula Pethiyagoda banged the gavel as a gesture of terminating the transition meeting of the Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya for the year 2021-22.

The dawn of a victorious journey that achieved the pinnacle of success opened doors to another journey to be enlightened with outstanding initiatives. 

Await as the legacy continues!

Rtr. Rahma Zuhri

Senior Editor 2022-23

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