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A start of a new journey- Transition Meeting 2020/21

Unity is strength, when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved. The Transition Meeting of the Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya, was held on the 06th of July 2020 at the RCU skills center, where the new executive committee and the new board of directors were introduced.  

 It is with utmost pleasure that we announce the  newly appointed board of directors for the Rotaract year 2020/21.

  • President – Rtr. Nipuna Rambukkanage
  • Immediate Past President – Rtr. IPP. Rivi Wijeratne
  • Vice President – Rtr. Kisal Ekanayake
  • Vice President – Rtr. Hiruni Chamika
  • Vice President – Rtr. Hasini Himaya
  • Secretary – Rtr. Sahan Rashmika Silva
  • Assistant Secretary – Rtr. Avisha Malalaratne
  • Treasurer – Rtr. Temalka Prasad
  • Sergeant At Arms – Rtr. Umesh Wijesooriya
  • Senior Editor – Rtr. Parami Ranasinghe
  • Co-Editor – Rtr. Isuri Gunatilake
  • Co-Editor – Rtr. Isuru Dissanayake
  • Director – Club service – Rtr. Dinu Peiris
  • Director – Club Service – Rtr. Pasan Sirimanna
  • Director – Community Service – Rtr. Nethmi Fonseka
  • Director – Community Service – Rtr. Gimhani Rathnayake
  • Director – International Service – Rtr. Devindi Weerasekara
  • Director – International Service – Rtr. Hansika Bandara
  • Director – Professional Development – Rtr. Yadhu Ravi
  • Director – Professional Development – Rtr. Chamini Nimeshika
  • Director – Finance – Rtr. Malith Kavinda
  • Director – Sports and Entertainment – Rtr. Rusira Nipun
  • Director – Sports and Entertainment – Rtr. Kalani N. Perera
  • Director – Member Relations – Rtr. Madusha Jayarathna
  • Director – Member Relations – Rtr. Dhanuka Piushan
  • Director – Digital Media – Rtr. Supun Viduranga
  • Director – Digital Media – Rtr. Osura Deemantha
  • Director – Club Relations – Rtr. Punsisi Liyanage
  • Director – Public Relations – Rtr. Mandakini Aththanayake

The Transition Meeting was of great success with the  immense support of the outgoing and the present board members. The event was enriched and the members were highly encouraged by the prompt yet inspirational speech rendered by the newly appointed President, Rtr. Nipuna Rambukkanage. The meeting ended with the well- wishes of the Immediate Past President, Rtr. Rivi Wijeratne on behalf of the outgoing board of directors.

Warmest wishes for the new RACUOK family for the year and we welcome you all to a flourishing year ahead!

Co-Editor: Isuru Dissanayake.

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