Apprentice – 2018

The soft skill development workshop “Apprentice – 2018” was held successfully on the 1st of October 2018 at the Career Guidance Unit of University of Kelaniya. The event was conducted by Mr. Miyuru Athapaththu focussing on developing the leadership skills and the professional skills of the members of the club. The members were given the necessary guidelines to follow in a professional background so as to adapt themselves accordingly.

The program included many interesting activities, especially group activities that enlightened the participants about the effectiveness of team work. The activites conducted by Mr.Miyuru Athapaththu included skills such as leadership skills, professional skills and cordinating skills which the participants expereienced while actively engaging in them.

The program ended successfully with all the positive feedbacks given by the participants marking Apprentice as the initiative project of the Professional Development Avenue for the Rotaract year 2018/2019 organized by the project chairs Rtr. Sanduni Perera and Rtr. Imesh Livera.

Co-Editor: Rtr. Santhusha Nawalahewa

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