Beyond the Border – Phase IV

“You can’t build a peaceful world on empty stomachs and human misery”

Hunger, often referred to as the most severe and critical expression of deprivation, can be viewed as an element and a result of extreme poverty. The concepts of poverty, food prices and hunger are linked intimately. People has to live with hunger and malnutrition simply because they cannot afford to buy nutritious food in sufficient amounts or are unable to afford farming supplies which are needed to grow nutritious food on their own. In addition to causing hunger, poverty also succeeds in limiting a community’s ability to invest in their own development which in turn creates a continuous cycle of ignorance, poverty and hunger.

In order to take a step in the right direction to eradicate hunger, the Rotaract Club of Grenada conducts a food drive annually with the support of the general public. For the year 2017, they carried out the food drive on the 28th of January and 4th of February on various supermarket outlets such as Andall and Associates, Foodland Supermarket, Food Fair Supermarket and Real Value IGA Supermarket. They collected various non-perishable food items which included, yet not limited to: canned vegetables and meats, milk, rice, sugar and flour as well as toiletries. The items collected were donated to the less fortunate of the parish of St. John on the 5th of February 2017.

Written by : Rtr. Ridma Jayasinghe (Editor)

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