General Meeting- October

“They said it’s a special meeting. Don’t know what it’s about though”.

I’m pretty sure that was the burning question in the minds of our Rotaractors when they were called for a special monthly general meeting on the 30th of October 2019.

The meeting began with the President, Rtr. Rivi Wijeratne addressing the gathering.

Then, Rtr. Ravindy Siriwardane took over the controls to carry out the flag salutation, Rotaract invocation and the Fourway test.

Rtr. Nemindi Rathnayake, the joint secretary, took over the meeting to deliver the report.

After the report was stated, putting an end to the burning curiosity of fellow Rotaractors, Rtr. Rivi started pouring out the splendid news we were all waiting for.

First our cricket team that brought the Inter Rotaract Indoor Cricket Championship trophy where it truly belongs, was highly appreciated, encouraging many to look forward into future cricket tournaments as well as to apply for our winning team and experience it first hand.

Also a brief introduction on the executive committee and the board of directors was given to the last batch of newly recruited Rotaractors.

Secondly, it was announced that vacancies are open for Team Leader position within several avenues.

Everyone was highly encouraged to apply for the position and few volunteers were chosen then and there.

Thirdly a new tradition in the club was announced. This indeed became the favourite news of everyone. It was decided that the club will be celebrating the birthdays of the members in respective monthly general meetings.

To initiate it, the October babies of the club celebrated their birthdays on this special meeting..The meeting came to an end around 6.30 p.m with everyone being treated to a delicious cake which disappeared within few minutes of opening the box.

It was indeed a very special day in the Rotaract calendar!

Rtr. Isuri Gunathilake