“Littoral without Litter”- Beach clean-up

“If current marine plastic pollution trends continue, the ocean will contain more plastic than fish by 2050”
– predicts the World Economic Forum
Report: The New Plastics Economy.

Littoral without Litter, a Beach clean-up project that took place on 5th October 2019 at Panadura beach. This project was the first project conducted under the direction of the co- directors of Special Events Avenue, Rtr. Temalka Prasad and Rtr. Shashini Mihiravi.

The initiation to this project took place as a prerequisite measure taken by the District 3220 as to their project “Recover” which specifically focused on to minimize the marine pollution in Sri Lanka because Sri Lanka has been ranked at 5th amongst the countries that contaminate the ocean most.

The project, “Littoral without Litter” succumbs to the 12th, 13th and 14th UN Sustainable Development Goals i.e. Responsible Consumption and Production, Climate Action and Life Below Water respectively. The project ended up with an attainment as our fellow Rotaractors were able to clean an area which was drenched with pollution such as plastic and other various waste materials that were considered as a predominant source of contamination which were dispersed all over the coastal line.

Our Rotaractors were able to segregate the waste and to hand over them to the Waste Management Authority for recycling. This project wouldn’t have been a success without the help of the Urban Council represented by the PHI officer and the Waste Management Authority. Hence, we appreciate their help in making this project a success.

Fortunately, we do not wind up here! Our Special Events Avenue has also come up with imposing awareness boards over this area which will be soon erected under the guidance of our club as a precaution to minimize pollution in future. The pollution disseminated in the coastal line and ocean is mainly due to the negligence of our own doing. Thus, we hope that as a Rotaract club that outshines in spreading love and loyal service, the imposition of the awareness boards will be a successful measure even as a small step taken to end marine pollution soon!

Co-Editor: Rtr. Ravindy Siriwardane

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